Conquest of Thrones Guide: Making Ingots and Bars

Date: Jan 02 2012 11:52:05 Source: Official Forum Views:
KeyWord: Conquest of Thrones Guide, Conquest of Thrones, Making Ingots and Bars
Conquest of Thrones
Here's a guide on making ingot and bars, which was collected from official forum written by ChenZen. Thank you ChenZen for sharing this guide!




  • To make 1 Ingots you'll need 10ores/irons
  • To make 1 Bar you'll need 10 ingots
  • Creating Ingots success rate goes down from 100% to 70% depending on the level of the ore/irons
  • Creating Bars success rate goes down from 80% to 60% depending on the level of the ore/irons

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FAQ of Conquest of Thrones



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