Conclave Open Beta Review: Forget the Tables

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By Richard Glenn from

Tabletop role-playing games devoid of the endearing feature of an actual table may seem to be firing wide of the mark, but the folks at 10×10 Room are hoping to emulate the tabletop experience within the confines of a standard web browser with their latest game, Conclave.

Conclave Screenshot

A turn-based, tactical combat game, Conclave supports multiplayer gameplay for up to four simultaneous users, allowing players to enjoy the socially engaging facets of the tabletop roleplaying scene without having to light candles, don unconvincing Gandalf beards and shout spout non-lexical tripe over tankards of mulled mead. Well, not unless they want to, anyway.

Conclave's first three quests are free to play from the onset, with trios of additional missions available for 99 US Cents each. Mercifully, 10×10 Room have decided to go with the "one size fits all" approach to microtransactional gameplay, meaning that every member of a four-player party will be able to play through any quest that just one member has purchased. Goodness knows we hate it when developers sneak in hidden monetary pitfalls in their games, so "thumbs up," say we.

The game, set in a fantasy world, features five distinct player classes and allows users to play synchronously or asynchronously, depending on whether or not they're willing to wait for other players to dilly-dally over their strategic manoeuvres. Each individual player account may control as many as ten different characters, resulting in plenty of choice for all concerned. I'll drink to that.



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