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Tiberium Alliances

by Apolloeyefrom ipconflict

I had high hopes for a browser based massively multiplayer Command and Conquer game, so when I was invited to try out the Beta I was ecstatic.

So how does it work?

When you enter the universe for the first time you a placed at a random location on a huge map. You are set a date and time when the force field around your base will disappear, this prevents you from being attacked during this time .

Tiberium Alliances Screenshot

You base looks very much like a typical Command and Conquer base and you can build structures, defenses and an army. However you cannot control any of these units or structures – they are static. You simply buy the item and plonk it down somewhere and that’s it. Even the harvesters endlessly circle crystal or Tiberium patches, they never return to a refinery and you cannot move them or recall them, everything is just a looped animation.

Also, each major part of your base is split out into sections. To make things clearer its worth mentioning now that everything in Alliances work with channels — everything.


When you attack an enemy base or an AI outpost (which appear randomly around the map) you place each unit in channel. Your units are built from a separate section accessed through your main base, the size of your army is dictated by your Command Center and the maximum level you can upgrade your units to is the level of this Center.

Tiberium Alliances Screenshot

Once you have placed your units in a channel you have no control of them, they will mindlessly travel forward and attack anything within their range. The first row will launch straight away and each row after this will be delayed by ten seconds. You can also only add up to 6 units in one row.

You are allowed to preview the battlefield before you set your positions, both the defensive part and the main base you are attacking and this brings us nicely back to how defense works.


The defensive part of your base is controlled indepently from your main base, it is the only way into your base so all opponents will have to traverse this section before being able to attack any of your structures.

Tiberium Alliances Screenshot

Everything you place in this field uses defensive points which are based on the level of your Defense HQ, also everything here can only be upgraded to the maximum level of this HQ.

To begin with you have two things you can build to defend your base, walls and MG nests. You will need to research the rest.


Resources consist of credits, crystals, power and Tiberium. Crystals are used to maintain and build your army, Tiberium is used to maintain your base and defenses and build new base structures. Power is used in construction and upgrading and credits are used for trading, research and special technologies. Additionally research is completed by using credits and research points in conjunction.

Tiberium Alliances Screenshot

All of these resources are slowly created by your base, however you can obtain research points and sometimes additional types of resources by attacking AI outposts that will randomly spawn around you. Some bases will also contain crates, these crates (if collected by destroying the building they are within) will be added to your inventory, they can then be used at any point to quickly inject resources, provide command points or other useful side affects.

Tiberium Alliances Screenshot

Time based

The nature of this game is time based, it can take up to an hour to obtain enough points to perform one attack from zero and of course this gets a bit better as you level up. The rate at which you collect resources is also time sensitive and you must login periodically to take advantage of incoming resources, as just like a Facebook game, the resources stack above your structures and you must click to collect.

Tiberium Alliances Screenshot

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