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Cocolani Island

Cocolani Island is a game world where you explore tribes and their habitat. You choose the tribe to which you belong, and you get to know other characters in your tribe. Some of them will send you on scavenger hunt-like quests, some will have puzzles for you to solve. You may offer to help some of them by playing games within the game world, where you can earn in-game currency. You can use that currency (or buy some on your own) to rent a home in the game world, and to buy clothing and accessories to express yourself and individualize your character. You can meet other people who are playing in the game world at the same time, and quest with them, battle them, or just sit and chat with them.

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Unlock the Secrets
Whether Cocolani Island exists remains a mystery. In fact, whole world remains a mystery. You must explore the vast reaches and visit the diverse cultures to unlock the secrets surrounding Cocolani Island.

Cocolani Island Screenshots

Explore the islands surrounding Cocolani Island, on your journey to the revered island itself. Plenty of beautiful vistas and new areas discovered all the time!

Cocolani Island Screenshots

Build your skills as an elite warrior, whether your preference is to heal your fellow tribe members, or launch stinging attacks, your destiny is your choosing. Become tribal leader of your tribe, by doing good deeds, and have honour bestowed upon you.

Cocolani Island Screenshots

Earn currency by helping others on the islands to achieve their objectives. Or simply use our easy to use SMS payment system to go straight ahead and make that purchase you want. The choice is yours.

Cocolani Island Screenshots

Battle the other tribes, and elevate your status. New and exciting weapons become available the more experienced you become. Play well, and ensure your path to tribal leader to direct further skirmishes!

Cocolani Island Screenshots


Most quests are scavenger hunt-type quests where you go find objects throughout the island, and the character who sends you on the quest will give you some sort of reward for finding everything. Some of those rewards are required for larger quests that take you all over the island. New quests are being added all the time. Be sure to play often.

How To Play

There is a tutorial you may go through when you first register your character. We've designed this tutorial to show you how to move around, interact with other characters and object in the game world, and to give you a little more background on Cocolani Island. It only takes 10 or 15 minutes, and is well worth the effort.

You can also learn about some of the basic game play below:

Cocolani Island Screenshots



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