Clash of Kingdoms: It’s a Wild Ride

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Clash of Kingdoms

In the world of browser based games, one thing becomes very clear: the games are designed so that they never actually end. Sure, you can attack your enemies, and grow stronger and stronger, amassing larger armies and getting better tech, eventually, you will join an elite class of player and be so powerful, and everyone in the game will fear you. Then you will get super bored because the game prevents you from attacking weaker players, and will eventually move onto something else, repeating this painful process. Clash of Kingdoms, a Three Kingdoms themed cooperative war strategy game by KoramGame, is different though.

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In Clash of Kingdoms, there is an end goal, Unification, as the GM's like to call it, other may know it as "conquering every city on the map". This is why the game launches new servers on a frequent basis. Each new server gives players a chance to learn the game and develop alongside their peers, as opposed to competing with people who have played the game for years and have an infinite advantage.

Additionally, the new number of servers means players who maybe started without knowing what they are doing will be able to get a fresh start without having to become a "multiple account user" over night. Already, according to other players, various servers have been unified multiple times. You can Create your account here or Play it on Facebook.

Once a server is unified, players are either given the option to transfer most of their information into an existing server, reset their server, or start from scratch in a new server with players who have successful unified their servers. This allows players to keep all their heroes, as well as special items they have earned throughout the course of the game. Essentially, by actually having an end in sight, Clash of Kingdoms has far more staying power than most games in the genre.

All in all, Clash of Kingdoms provides a unique experience to all players that is generally not found in games on third party platforms such as Facebook. The game frequently offers fresh chances to new players, while making it possible for experienced players to continuously be challenged. I truly believe this is a model other "social games" should copy, but until they do, I suggest you try Clash of Kingdoms today.



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