Clash of Avatars Review

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Choose from 6 starting classes of male or female warrior, mage or ranger and let your imagination run wild with the avatar system: 60+ avatar skins to collect and unlock, starting with a random avatar and you can decide what avatar to unlock next or just try each avatar as they unlock.

Clash of avatars is a game that is designed for friends and family, with fun and laughter in mind while embracing the challenges and quests that make a game interesting to players that like test themselves.

A 4 class mount system means that players can ride the mount of their choice, from a horse to a hawkstrider and loyal pets, starting with the adorable Mister Kit the cat.

What game is complete without monsters and demons to beat in battle. From the jelly like blobs to the fierce and powerful winged men. Throw in some skeletons and zombies and let the battles begin, and the laughter.

Feel like its time for a reason while you chat with friends, then break a move with one of 5 different dance styles and show the players just how to break it down



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