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City of Steam

City of Steam is an upcoming browser based MMORPG which is being developed by a new comer to the online gaming industry, Mechanist Games. This is their first and currently only product announced, and as thus they want to make a big impression. To do this they have made a public released of the Alpha Testing of the game, which a limited amount of players have been selected and accepted to play.

As the game is in the alpha stages, a lot of features are locked and not yet implemented, so this works more as a sneak peek into what the game is, and not a full blown preview of what is to come. Since we do not have the full information on the game, we will instead preview what they have given us so far, and some of what we can expect later on.

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Character Creation

The game features a staggering nine races for players to choose from, however, a few of the nine are actually humans that hail from different areas. Even with that, the amount to choose from is a fairly good amount, and the choice for each actually plays a little bit into what class you will choose. Each of these races does have their own base stats and some races will fare better at certain classes than others.

As for the classes, there are currently four to choose from they are; Arcanist, Gunner, Warder, and Channeler. While named this way, they do take from the basic classes you have seen in many other games which are; mage, ranger, warrior, and healer. They are just given another name and a steam punk twist. As an added bonus, beyond the racial stats players start out with, each class has their own stat bonuses as well. So you can take that into consideration with the racial pick to see what kind of mix you want to do.

As for the creation of the actual players, that is a bit sub-par at the moment, though going by how it looks it doesn't seem they will improve it anytime soon. At the moment, the character creation focuses on two aspects; your sex and your hair. Yep, your hair, they actually have three separate points for players to customize their hair, and if they're male, their facial hair. I admit it is a bit odd, and I would have liked some type of customization to different aspects such as the face or other features.

City of Steam Screenshot

A well detailed world

One thing that will really catch your attention as you explore is the world and the detail into it. While the game is running on the Unity3D engine, they are taking advantage of that and try to bring life to the world. While it is only a sneak peak at the moment, what they have shown is fairly impressive. You get to explore ruined labyrinths to broken down cities. They also have tried to give the world a more steam punk feel in how it is presented and how you actually do see vehicles and other devices inspired by the genre in the world and city.

City of Steam Screenshot

Exploration seems to be a strong part of this game because, while each map is loaded and you have to select a path from there to continue, there are multiple paths you can choose and different places to explore. So this takes away any restricted feel you may have when going out in the world and makes you want to go back and take different paths to see where it will lead you.

City of Steam Screenshot

Combat is a bit lacking, but…

Right now the combat in the game is a bit lackluster. It is alright, but it can use improvements, and the features they have promised. Right now it plays out like a basic hack and slash type game. You are presented an eagle eye view of your character and you select and press the skill buttons to attack an enemy. They have stated that they plan to improve the combat by adding such features as knockback and other things, but this isn't available yet in the alpha.

City of Steam Screenshot

One thing that can improve on right now is that while in combat, you need to keep spam pressing the attack key to keep hitting an enemy. This can be tiresome after a while, and not to mention hard on your fingers. It would be nice if later they would add the ability to auto attack or keep using a skill on a selected enemy, which would make combat go a bit more smoothly.

A unique feature in the combat however is the ability to switch from up to three combinations of weapons. In my play through, I went with a Gunner. The three I was able to go through included; a single hand gun for more defense, a long range rifle for more distance and damage, and twin pistols which offer decent damage and range.

Not much to see

Well right now, as it is in the Alpha stages, there is not a lot to see or do in the world yet. But from what they have shown us, it does leave a good impression with promises of more to come. The game puts you in a unique steam punk world where you get to choose from a wide selection of races, but without much to customize them with. It makes that up by giving you an expansive world with a lot of places to explore and see. So while the alpha gave but a glimpse of what is to come, the game itself seems to be one to look at for those into MMORPGS.

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