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City of Steam is a grand game with many features. In this guide, we will go over the features that are related to the various items that you will have in the game. Use this guide to help you get a better idea on how to use these City of Steam item related functions.

City of Steam Item Quality Ranking

Rusty – Gray
Worn – Copper
Common – Burgundy
Decent – Red
Fine – Yellow
Superior – Green
Ornate – Teal
Mastercraft – Blue
Exquisite – Purple
Magnificent – Hot Pink

How to Get City of Steam Gears

There are a few ways that you can get the gears in the game. You can get them via monster loots, quest rewards, purchase from other players, NPC shop, or complete the collections. In this guide below, we will go over the various upgrades that you can do to make your City of Steam gears stronger. Depending on your City of Steam classes, you can only wear a certain kind of weapons and gears, so you should keep note when you purchase the equipment.

City of Steam Item Modifications

Mods are items you can put into existing equipment to give them an extra stats and power. The mods have their specific equipment that they can be socket into, check the mod for the different City of Steam equipment available for modification.

You can access the City of Steam modification menu by Press I to go into the inventory screen. Click on the Add Mod tab at the top. Right click the equipment in your inventory that you want to modify. It should be noted that this item must not be equipped and in your inventory. The City of Steam equipment will now how the modification that it requires. You can now right click the mod and it will be socket into the gear as long as the gear has not be socket before.

After this, click Socket. It'll cost you a bit of money at relative low cost. You now have a modified piece of equipment. Certain equipment will change their visual look depending on the modification taking place. Different gears will have a limit on the modifications depending on their item quality. Higher quality City of Steam gears can take on more modifications.

To remove outdated mods from your equipment, click on the Remove Mod tab and follow the instructions. Removing City of Steam mod will also cost a little bit of money.

Lastly, you can make your outdated mods stronger through merging. The merging process will have a chance of failure. You can decrease or avoid failure rate if you use Catalysts while merging. Depending on the level of City of Steam Catalyst used, they can greatly boost your chance of mod merging.

City of Steam Crafting

There are a couple of options that you can do with the crafting system. In here we will break them down into little subsections. The crafting system can be Salvage equipment, Reforging, and Augment. We will go over each of these sub crafting sections one by one. It should be noted that in City of Steam, you do not "craft" new gears but rather make your existing gears stronger than before through the crafting system.

Salvage system in City of Steam

You can destroy any unwanted items that you have and turn them into mods. The chances are pretty random that you can either gain a nice mod or earn nothing at all. It's a good alternative to gain mods other than selling them in the market if you know that you will not be getting a good price.

Reforging and Upgrading

This method of crafting is expensive yet effective way of turning your old gears and upgrade them into higher quality. Reforging equipment will increase the item quality by one point, Worn -> Common etc. The reforging is expensive because you need a couple of items to reforge your City of Steam gears. There reforging requirements are usually:

Basic Materials: Monster or Box drop
Specific Materials: Scrap or bought from Workshop
Reforging Kit: Rare monster loot or workshop.

After you have collected all the reforging materials in City of Steam. Right click the equipment in your inventory. If you do not have enough materials, they will show up as red. Once you have everything, you can click upgrade. As the quality of your gear becomes higher, the success chance will decrease. Just like mod merging, you can improve the rate of City of Steam reforging success via the Catalyst. However, you will be able to tell between the upgraded versions and lower levels. The higher quality gears will have better stats and suffer less negative penalties.

Depending on the level of City of Steam Catalyst used, they can greatly boost your chance of reforging.

City of Steam Augment

With Mk X blue prints in City of Steam, you can augment your gears with additional stats that are random. The gears that are augmented will have Mk 1, 2, 3 added to the gear name. It should be noted that the different tiers of augmentation count as their own. This means that if you use Mk 1 on a Mk 2 augmented weapon, the Mk 2 will lost its Mk 2 status. Although the chance of augmenting a City of Steam gear is 100%, you can improve the amount of stats gained by using a catalyst. Higher level catalyst can boost more stats for from the level MK blue prints, thus you want to use the level of Catalyst to match the level of the blue print.

Catalyst in City of Steam for Reforging and Merging Mod

Catalyst will double, triple and boost more to your chance of success when merging the mods or reforging the City of Steam gears. This is especially important and helpful when you are going after higher level gears. The chance of failure can be costly at higher ranking City of Steam gears. However, you will need to spend Electrum via the Alchemical store to get the Catalyst. You can also obtain Catalyst from monster drops but however the chances are pretty rare.

City of Steam Collection

Collection is another system where City of Steam let you trade in your unwanted gifts. Open the collection screen by hitting Z or the button at the top. You can either choose the gear collection from the list or right click the item from your inventory to add to the City of Steam collection.

You can only add rusty or higher ranking gears into the collection. If you complete the collection, you will receive experience bonus, electrum, and a mystery gift. The mystery gift is an equipment at Fine quality for one of the collection item. You can complete a certain set as many times as you like, but you are limited to 10 completions a day so it is best for you to plan your gear completion mainly for the gears that you can wear.



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