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Ray Media today announces there will be another closed beta test of Chrono Tales in Jan. 2013, first closed beta test will end at 21:00 of Dec. 24th EST (GMT-5). Players who recharge will get top-up return. Below are some reviews written by its players in official facebook.

Chrono Tales

By Armorlink

Okay, first I want to say is that, when I saw the game announced on the, I was quite curious of how good it would be, I kind of thought it was going to be like other rpg same gameplay, same ideas just put in another way. I would like to say I was deeply wrong. The gameplay was a lot different, a lot smoother, has uniqueness to it, something I haven't seen in other games. I enjoyed the log in screen, nice music and sound effect, not like other games I played, and it didn't make my head hurt. Once I was in the game it was like I was in another world, I was hooked by it. One thing I notice right off the bat was that it didn't have any "endurance" or MP (move points), like the other game, you can move around as much as you want, hunt and farm exp as much as you want without a cap on it, like in other games you have endurance once you used up your endurance u gain 10% exp per kill. This game did not have that and I REALLY like that!

I must say the official really did an outstanding job on the blacksmith crafting and other craft so nicely done. I was just memorized of getting crafting exp, nice details, explains of how to get it where to get it nicely done. The craft exp gap isn't too bad either 0/150 to 150/500 to 500/1500 only thing that's hard is that you gain +2 crafting exp per item you make, you should earn more as u progress through the crafting system but hey that makes it very challenging and I enjoy games like that, another thing I would like to mention. This game is so easy to play but it's NOT too EASY as in the spoon feed you like other games, I really enjoy that.

Now that's enough about crafting let's get into the monsters and maps. When I first look at the map I was like "wow nice navigation"! Easy to pin point where to go and how to find stuff "due to location" shows where the monster is ON the map and their level and where you can farm them as in other games, yes they have a map and yes, on the side of it you can click on the monster and it takes you there, BUT it doesn't have a monster icon on the map to let you know what's around there. This game does! It lets you know where the good spots are to farm the same monster over and over without finding a new monster. I also like how you guys have instances and that you can only do them a certain amount of time, it's kinda teases me a little because I want to do them all the time to get the good item haha who doesn't right?

Now I played the game a lot but I haven't found, like a dungeon that you can take party members into and find a boss and fight it and gain certain items that would be cool too, like go somewhere and talk to a NPC to teleport you and your members into a dungeon and you can run through it and do it as much as you like. Just food for thought. The class is awesome; I like the skills and combos you can do. Nice graphic, nice effects to them too not too flashy and not to big like other rpgs, it's just right and to the point. The guild system is alright too me, I like it, I like how u can have a guild emblem for free without charging diamonds or anything like that. One thing I don't understand is the exp for guild that's hard to get. I think you should put in "Guild Quests" that a guild member can do to earn contributions. The market is also good I enjoy its simple and easy navigation.

Now I would like to talk about items, nicely done, great variety of items and different stat combination, I LOVE the forge the official did OUTSTANDING, you guys added a twist to it I never seen on another rpg. When you open the forge function a window pops up and you place your weapon or whatever you want to improve. Then you look at the bottom right hand corner of it, and u see 8-10 blocks on the side and it fills up and slowly empties as you raise your stats I must say that's a nice little "signature" the official did. Normally you see like 90%, 80%, 70% etc.

I like how you level up your pet to a certain level and you can evolve it at no cost. In other rpgs, I played with pets you have to use a certain item to evolve it, then it changes but the catch to it is that you have to buy a cash item. I was depressed seeing other pets same level as mine but look a lot cooler and nicer because they can buy the cash item to do it but this game you don't. If I was with you guys I'll give u a high five! I can talk about this game until my fingers fall off or I pass out.

I give this game 5 out of a 5! Very good gameplay, graphic nice uniqueness to it and its only in CBT I can NOT wait to see what becomes of it in the future, well done guys keep up the hard work!

By PHBearHuG

The game is Cool, but my suggestion is the game is much better if you guys change it to leveling fast and gold, cause some other player complaining the leveling is hard. I love this game. This is my 3 times playing MMORPG games. Other suggestion is you should change the durability if someone leveling and your item need to repair. It's to waste of time to go back in the town. I have a lot of friends playing this game I tell them just be patient because it's only CBT. I want to top up but I'm waiting for OBT. So far this game is cool just let you know my suggestion. That's it TY VM. Cool Game!

By Zentea

Game Review: Chrono Tales is the first Game Browser that I've enjoyed to play. Have few bugs like in Daily Quest. Other than that CT have a good gameplay, good graphics, good events and good Developers. Thanks to Ms. Fen for letting me play this game in Beta Testing and Also in CBT. More power to Chrono Tales and I know developers will improve the game to make it more enjoyable to play and lessen the bugs!

By QuaD

1st of all thanks for creating this wonderful game, very good graphics and game play, interesting skills for each class, map system unique, very fantastic experience to play Chrono Tales. My only suggestion in the game try to make the potion delay a bit longer, besides that everything is perfect. Thanks and hope this game will boost more.

By yknew.

Review for CT (Chrono tales): The game is very interesting and nice to play; more activities not a boring game. But I think there's something that lacks from this game. The world bosses drops; it's kinda messy. All of the players are killing the boss at the same time. A bit crowded. And the guild system exp should be much faster, not based on the contribution that requires for you to kill other player, participate in instances.

But what can I say is CT is quite a descent game. Good in graphics, gameplay, story quest, real time battle that players can grind to level. And I have a complaint for those vip at lease put some Cooldown time for their ladder quest.

Thats it that my review for CT. All in all CT is a very nice game! Thx for developing it GAMEDP! More power.!!

By yOshii

For me my review for this game Chrono Tales is 4/5 well its awesome game, many things to do, quests, pets, system, crafting, astrology, planting crystals, central island, boss hunt and lots more. I give 5/5 if lags are fixed. But overall I enjoy playing this game. Hope it will last long. More powers GameDP

By Lithania

Personal Review

As I start things off, when I logged into the game for the first time, it really gave off the feeling that it's the same as all other MMO Games out there that have the genre. BUT right after checking out the game for about 20-40 minutes, I figured that this game really has potential. It has smooth gameplay, the animations and whatnot can be compared to even to those client-based games. I am a gamer for about 10 years or so, and I have to say, this game really got my attention.

Gameplay Review 4.5/5

Gameplay-wise, it really is convenient. You could move around with the arrow keys, or you could use the old fashioned point-and-click method. Everything is very understandable and you learn the basics really easily. They got flashy animations for mounts and items, especially weapons. I have to say, the mounts could nearly be compared to a certain game and is very good, if I say so myself. Skills are also good, but quite need a touch-up and a few more tweaks on the animations. Other than that it really is a great game to play. Quest system is just like every other MMO, collect x and pass to y, kill x and collect y then pass to z. Hopefully they can improve a bit more on the quest side in 2nd CBT or future OBT. And last but not the least, the server is PvP intensive. They have Siege Wars, Survival Island and Arena events as well.

Sound/Music/BGM Review 3.5/5

It is still in 1st Closed Beta, the skill/mount sounds can still be clearly heard. For the maps that have background music already, they are quite catchy, but gets quite repetitive. Also character skill sounds could also use a bit of a tweak, but all in all, its quite okay.

Community Review 4/5

The community, well, it gets a bit rowdy especially when a player rouses out the crowd and starts spamming the world chat, but overall most of the other players easily blend in and most of the help out the newbies. So I could say that the game community itself is very newbie friendly.

Staff/Game Master Review 4/5

Haven't really seen any GMs doing any events in town, but as I browse around the forums, I could see them replying to every post the players make regarding the server's status, tech problems, bugs and suggestions. Even though the live support system is not quite up yet, everything else falls into place because they are very active at the forums and keeps on informing players of the happenings in the server.

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About Chrono Tales –

Chrono Tales is a free 3D browser-based MMORPG. The new generation engine provides players with anime-styled 3D graphics via browsers, without client download. Traveling through the time rift, players can explore in the fantasy world of Chrono Tales and save the realm from the resurgent evil. You can challenge immersive quest, forge legendary gear, tame mythological pets and experience much more mainstream MMO features in Chrono Tales.

About Ray Media Group Limited –

Ray Media Group Limited was founded in 2009 and then expanded itself into a much bigger one in 2012. Now we become an independent publisher, a globalized team concentrates on browser-based game development. What is more, a cutting-edge gaming platform is on our schedule and we intend to become a significant role in all the major gaming markets worldwide.



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