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Only guilds can participate in Siege War, where the defensive side and offensive side compete for the rulership of the Chroland Capital. The final winning guild will be the Castellan Guild of the Chroland Capital, and granted the right to tax the whole Chroland.

Chrono Tales


1. Only guilds with more than 10 Level 20+ members are eligible for Siege War.
2. Only guild leaders can sign up for Siege War. When signing up for the event, the guild leader should carry a Warhorn which can be bought from Mall.
3. 30 guilds at most (including defensive side and offensive side) can sign up for one Siege War.

Event Time:

Siege War will take place at 21:00 on every Saturday (server time) and last for one and a half hours. Guild leaders can sign up for the war during the first half hour before 21:00.

How to sign up:

There will be a message notifying guild leaders to sign up for the event one hour before Siege War begins. When sign-up is available, guild leaders can visit Rex (the Chroland Capital Castellan) with a Warhorn to begin the challenge. Warhorns are sold in Mall.


1. There will be a portal appearing on your screen 5 minutes before Siege War begins. You can follow the instruction to enter the battlefield to prepare for the war.

2. When the preparation time ends, both the defensive side and offensive side will be sent to their default Rebirth Points. There is a Chroland Flag representing the defensive side in the center of the battlefield. If the offensive side cut down that flag during Siege War, then they win. Otherwise, the defensive side wins Siege War.

3. During Siege War, every player can gain points for their guilds by killing members of the other side (The offensive side can also gain points by damaging the flag.). After Siege War ends, the guild which has the highest score among all the winning guilds will be the new Castellan Guild of the Chroland Capital.

4. Every player can rebirth for up to 10 times during Siege War. When the chances are used up, players can't go on with Siege War.


Every time players kill a member of the opponent side, they will gain Guild Contribution and Guild Exp. There will be score recording individual achievement too. When you kill an opponent, you will gain 100 individual points. After Siege War ends, players whose score is higher than 500 will receive extra rewards of money and premium items.

What's more, the Castellan Guild of the Chroland Capital will be granted the right to tax the whole Chroland.


Players have to pay tax when they are selling or buying items from shops in each town. All the tax revenue will be distributed, sent via email on each Saturday, to members of the Castellan Guild, based on their contribution. Members who join that guild less than one week are not included.

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