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Hi there Chrono Tales players there has been alot of debates about Cashiers Vs Non-Cashiers, so here is a guide to explain to you that Non-Cashiers can still win. Thank armorlink who made this guide.

Ill start out explaining to you guys about the advantages about cashiers.

Advantages about Cashiers.
*They can boost their pets and gears quicker by buying the items in the mall shop.
*Can level quicker by buying double exp scrolls in the shop.
*Can get a good mount right off the bat.
*Can purchase Ultima Skills.
*Can buy gems to add to their EQ.

Now those are the main advantages cashiers has. Now I am about to explain how Non-cashiers can still become strong but it will take longer.

How Non-Cashiers and obtain same items as a Cashier for FREE
*At level 30, you can do the instance called "Earthens Maze". [I'll list items you can get at end of guide]
*At level 35, you can do instance called "Evilhorn cave"[I'll list items you can get at end of guide]
*At level 40 you can do a instance called "Keeper's Heart".[I'll list items you can get at end of guide]

Now these instances you can only do them certain amount of times a day, so it will take longer to become as strong as a cashier just takes time.

What you can obtain in level 30 instance.
*Rainbow Shard
*Purple Stone
*Aptitude Stone
*Speed Stone

What you can obtain in level 35 guide.
*Stamina Stone
*Strength Stone
*INT Stone
*Agility Stone
*Luck Stone
*ATK Stone
*MTK Stone

What you can obtain from level 40 instance.
*Purple Stone
*Aptitude Stone
*Stamina Stone

This guide just shows the basic of how Non-Cashers can still be as strong as Cashers. Basically Cashiers can become strong quicker due to the fact of buying the items in the mall instead of earning them in the instances.

Non-Cashiers takes longer due to the fact you have a certain amount of time to do the instances a day to earn the items. I say this game is prob one of the games you can find that has alot of benefits for non-cashiers to be just as strong as cashiers. Just seems like some non-cashiers are just impatient to earn them items and complain how this game is "unbalanced" which it isnt, they are just impatient.



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