Chrono Tales Cash Player Guide

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Chrono Tales is a fun MMO that is free to play. However, the cash players do have a huge edge over the free to play counter parts. However, the non cash playing players still have a chance at being the top of the game. Below are some of the major differences that cash players can get that normal players cannot. Use this as some tips on how to spend your money to become the strongest player in the game.

Although this guide is really written to help the cash players, you can still read it as a normal players. This way that you can have some pretty good understanding on what you are playing against in Chrono Tales.

Cash Player Advantages

Stronger Gears and pets Faster

You can purchase the various items from the mall shop to boost your pets, gears, and mounts. Because of the instances limit, as a cash player you can obtain the strong gears to obtain higher leveling speed at the beginning of the server. This starting boost will keep you ahead the majority of the time in the game, given that you stay active.

In addition, you can also purchase gems and slot them into your equipment.

Faster Leveling Speed

You can purchase double exp scrolls from the shop. This will increase the grinding speed of your character in Chrono Tales.

Ultima Skills

One of the hardest item to get in Chrono Tales is the ultima skills. Without cash purchase, the only way to obtain the Ultima Skills is through the Monster Invasion event bosses. This means that you have the cash, purchasing the Ultima skills will put you ahead of the pack in the majority of the cases in Chrono Tales.

Instances and Cash Items

One of the way to obtain Chrono Tales item mall items is through running the various instances in the game. Depending on your levels in the game, you will be able to run through different instances that drop item mall items. Below are some of these dungeons and the item mall items that they offer. Use this guide as a pointer to earn these items.

Your best bet is to make sure to run these dungeons up to your daily limit.

Level 30: Earthens Maze

Available Chrono Tales Item Mall Drops:

Rainbow Shard
Purple Stone
Aptitude Stone
Speed Stone

Level 35: Evilhorn Cave

Available Chrono Tales Item Mall Drops:

ATK Stone
MTK Stone
Stamina Stone
Strength Stone
INT Stone
Agility Stone
Luck Stone

Level 40: Keeper's Heart

Available Chrono Tales Item Mall Drops:

Purple Stone
Aptitude Stone
Stamina Stone



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