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Warrior class is a very common class in Chrono tales currently. It has great strength, and Hp. Great for Player verse Player, and overall PVE.

Guide for Pure Strength Warrior

As we know Pure strength warriors rely on Pure power of attack. This is usually a Build for PVPers.
Now anyone can just level to 40 or so, and put every stats on strength and still get owned.
So gears play a huge role in this.
I will explain the basics.
A full Str warrior also needs things like Hit.
Whats the point of all STR if you miss on your opponents.

So gears you should try to get while being a Pure STR is:
Gears which give HIT
Gears which give STR
Gears which give STAM/HP
Gears which Give CRIT

Gears with HP will cover up the loss of HP due to the Pure str.
Crit is very important if you want to 1hitko.

Putting Gems on Equipment:
If you want to be a straight up power monster,
Put a Attack 3%/5% on every piece of your main gear with slots.
This helps give you extra strength/Attack.

Get ATK and HP

Stamina Warrior Build

Stamina Warrior can be very Powerful, and great Tankers. This is a great build for PVP/PVE.
A Pure Stamina warrior build can be hard to get right, but if you do, you will dominate any class

Great Stamina warriors don't just rely on Stamina, they make sure they get even more HP from gears.

They also make up for STR/Attack with gears. They usually lack in Hit points, but their Hp saves their butt from that.

Basic Things you should look for in Gears:
HP/STAM- Very Important to being more Ultimate
STR- Make sure you have Str to make up the attack
Hit- Hit is also needed alot, this is why most Stamina Warriors fail.
Crit- As always some Crit is needed, which you can easily get from Gears.

Make sure all sockets have Hp 3%/5%.
You can also mix with Atk 3%'s.

Make sure to try to get HP and ATK.



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