Chronicles of Merlin Guide: Daily Quest

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Chronicles of Merlin

Welcome to this short guide on Daily Quests in Chronicles of Merlin. The goal of this Guide is to help everyone understand how to use the Daily Guides and the benefits of using them.

Must be Level 40.

In order to have these quests appear you must be level 40. They are located on the quest screen on the Daily Quests tab which is located between Main Quests and Events.

Daily Quests are an important source of Battle Points and Enchanted Items.

These quests offer more Battle Points than average Battles. In addition if you are using a Spell Caster then you will want to make use of your Daily Quests as they are the only source for high level Enchanted Items.

Do not waste quests.

Each day you can only complete 6 Daily Quests per day. So make sure you do not waste them on quests that give you a limited amount of rewards.

Pay attention to the difficulty.

Each week has a different level of Difficulty this can be a maximum of 10 stars. If you are a VIP you can refresh quests for a certain amount of Gold to try to get quests that are more stars than the current quests for that week. Highest quality of Enchanted Items are from 10 Stars Daily Quests. So if you want to try a spell line-up, you should go for the highest difficulty quests.



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