Chronicles of Merlin Guide: Important Info about Being Reborn

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Chronicles of Merlin

So you are interested in having your Hero Reborn? Well you have come to the right place. In this short guide we will give you the main points on what it means to have a Hero Reborn in Chronicles of Merlin.

What having your Hero Reborn does for you!

You will find that when you will reach a point where you have leveled up a lot of things and need more of an edge. That is where Reborn comes into play. It adds 10 stars to your Heroes Unit Type. This effects the Attack and Defense of your Hero and also his Unit Size.

What happens to your Hero after he or she is Reborn

After your Hero is Reborn they will be brought back down to level 1. Then you will have to train them all the back up to your current level.

When you can begin using Reborn and how often can you do it.

Heroes can start to be reborn at level 51. It is recommended that you have a plan when you have a Hero reborn as they will not be of much use to you while they are training. It is a tough choice you will have to make as it has benefits and disadvantages.

Where to find the Reborn Button.

Chronicles of Merlin Screenshot

This button is located in the Enlighten interface in the upper right hand corner. It is only usable after level 51.



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