Chronicles of Merlin Guide: How to Find Great Mounts

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Chronicles of Merlin

What’s the Big Deal?
There are many factors that affect the outcome of a battle: selection of heroes, formation, research upgrades, and when it comes to gambit heroes especially, gear.

Let’s begin by looking at a battle report.

Here we see a lineup starring one gambit hero: Alfred the Great.

The power of his gambit depends on his Tactics stat, which is currently 73. While his gambit is quite powerful, it is not quite effective enough when faced against a strong opponent.

But when we equip him with an Orange Mount, here’s what happens.
This is because an Orange Mount has a much higher growth rate than any other mounts in the game. Here’s a contrast of different color grades of mounts:

Irish Hobby

Neapolitan Horse
Armored Destrier

War Elephant

Evidently an orange mount will grow much faster and updating an orange mount can accumulate much higher stat bonus than any other mount. It is important to remember that the higher the color-grade of a gear, the more cost-efficient it is to upgrade this gear and the more powerful this gear can become.

Remember, if you want to build an unstoppable Gambit Attack line-up, you need at least one orange mount!

How to Get An Orange Mount/Cape
Starting from Lv. 30, you will unlock the Scouting feature in your Armory. Here you can sent out Horse Scout or a Cloak Scout.

Sending out Scouts cost Silver, but starting from Lv. 51 you will receive one free chance to Scout after 5 AM each day. 

When your scout discovers a new mount or a new cloak for you, you can choose to keep it (Click Accept or do nothing) or sell it. You might want to sell lower color-grade gear and keep the higher color grade ones.

There are four levels of scouts available:
Horse Scout, Advanced Horse Scout, Arabian Horse Scout and finally, the Royal Horse Scout.

Sometimes your Horse Scout will introduce an Advanced Horse Scout for you, in addition to a mount that he has scouted. The Advanced Horse scout is able to bring you better finds than what your average horse scout is capable of. If you are in luck, your Advanced Horse Scout may find the Arabian Horse Scout for you, in addition to the mount he has found. If you are extremely lucky, you will strike gold and your Arabian Horse Scout will introduce you to the Royal Horse Scout.

Usually Arabian Horse Scout will generate a piece of an orange mount, or an orange mount directly (though the chance is rare). However a royal horse scout is almost guaranteed to bring you an orange mount.

The Horse Scout requires silver (quite a lot actually) and has a Cooldown. However the finding is definitely worth the trouble of getting the Silver and trying your luck! For players past level 35, gear become increasingly powerful and valuable, and your horse scout and cloak scout will not disappoint you!

You will need to know the hero list and go for the most powerful gambit: Hero List

Well enhanced horse does not guarantee a victory, you must know How To Win

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