Chibi Warriors Review

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Chibi Warriors is a cute strategy browser MMO game based on the background of Three Kingdoms. Integrated with character progressions, players in Chibi warriors will be able to strengthen and enhance their character’s capacity quickly. The playing method is simple. There are five essential things you need to do everyday you log in:


You also can harvest crops, collect taxes/gold from commerce or from your loyal subjects in the game, which you can be used to enhance or forge your equipment. The merit and ingots are for upgrading technologies or buying special items such as black iron, soft leather, agate, gems, and various other in-game resources that will come in handy.


The fast questing, story line, and theme combine to make a perfect social game. Throughout the game one of the main focuses is recruiting and enhancing one’s warriors. The number of participating warriors is related with the Emperor’s level. Click “Dispatch Fast” and the system can automatically complete the formation. For those who are more savvy strategy game players, you’ll be able to completely customize your battle formation to your liking. Heroes from the book such as Lu Bu and Zhuge Liang are also present in Chibi Warriors which injects plenty of intrigue into the main story.
Chibi Warriors is definitely worth a try, It's free to play on both Browser and Facebook, so if you’re into anything Chibi, strategy games, or Asian themes this is the perfect little diversion!



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