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Real-time strategy is one of the commonest genres in the category of browser-based games. There are really tons of RTS titles that manages to create an identity built on the shared, proven mechanics of city-building and military deployment. 3D Golden Age with innovative side-scrolling role-playing town, anime styled Galaxy Life set in space, C&C: Tiberium Alliances based on the popular IP, vampire themed Thirst of Night and cartoonish Web Koihime Musou with female warriors and so forth – each takes its own perspective to approach the strategic gameplay. And now we have another, Checkmate that takes us back to the WWII battleground.

Players enter Checkmate as an officer who takes charge in a dire situation. Accept missions from HQ and head to Black Plains to lead besieged army to victory. Victory of battles requires players to take much into consideration. Players need to constantly upgrade Officers adding four attributes (Valor, Tactics, Command and Leadership) points, train officers to grow, fortify equipment, pay attention to the gap between officer levels and fighting stages, match unit types to the leading officer’s specialty, and plan the formation of officers to counter-attack that of opponents, etc.. Each campaign (mission/quest) contains five battles to defeat opposing generals. Battle is turn-based with a little animation. Once defeated, the poster of the enemy general who leads that battle will shown bullet holes on it.

Checkmate is very user-friendly with the tutorial, clear interface and various informative tips popping up in proper timing. For instance, upon the first defeat in battleground, players will be reminded of checking the possible factors that cause the failure; and the basic strategic elements such as pros and cons when Infantry, Tank and Artillery unit types engage each other are also shown up as tips from now and then. And graphics is quite crispy and neat.

Just bebing closed beta, the combat focuses on the Campaign against NPC generals. Yet seen from the main interface, there are Arena and Event sets that are promised to come soon. Also, Pets have their role in the battle, which is a little weird but anticipated. There is a special Pet slot in Officers’ gear section. In the City interface, it displays a Pet Training Ground under construction; plus, there is a Pet slot in the Officer gear section. So players can expect to take pets into battles.

So far, Checkmate is enjoyable. Yet it waits to see how it delivers the arena-based player conflicts and premium currency. Hopefully, it’s better at launch.

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