Checkmate Choosing Troop Specialty Guide

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Well officers do the planning and strategy but your troops are the bread and butter of the campaign. Depending on the officers, it is advisable for you to just concentrate on one unit type. 

Remember the weakness tree? Infantry eats Artillery, Artillery pulverizes Tanks, and Tanks makes ketchup out of infantry well this is the time you break the tree and create your own.

Lets say you have this general: 

Checkmate Choosing Troop Specialty Guide

The first skill is Harass which has the ablility to deal damage and a chance to make the targeted unit skip his turn, The second skill is Accuracy which makes your infantry deal more damage than normal. Now this will only tell you that this general has a thing for any unit it comes in contact with and specially for Artillery. To boost up your army's efficiency in combat just specialize in researching one unity type. In this case the best will be infantry because the general we are using infantry specialized.

Checkmate Choosing Troop Specialty Guide

As you can see I've only researched on infantry and i already have a 4% bonus to infantry attack and a 6% bonus to infantry defense. And the best part about this is that if you keep on specializing on a single troop research you get to unlock higher ranking tier units like the ones you see in your production.

Checkmate Choosing Troop Specialty Guide

Now lets do the math. (Not including generals and items because thats way too much math for me (T-T) ) your heavy infantry tht has an 8%attack and defense bonus versus a light tank that has a 2%attack and defense bonus (because the player reasearched on all unit types), Who do you tink will eat who?

And that my friend is one of the key tips how you win battles and hopefully the entire war as well.

Happy hunting

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