Checkmate Beginner's Guide

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This beginner's guide include the following aspects: DEVELOPMENT, RECRUITMENT and BATTLE. Hope it will help you leveling up quickly in Checkmate.

By valklyrs


Merit and Gold


The Construction Points of Base and Outskirts will restrict the daily Merit you can claim every day, and Merit is a kind of important resource to players, it can be used for Gear Crafting, Gear Upgrading, upgrading technologies, establishing sub bases, etc. Players can claim Merit for free, and can also get Merit from campaigns, city battles and missions.


The Construction Level of Oil Refinery, Farmland, Steel Mill and Power Plant will restrict Gold output, and Gold is the necessity resource for upgrading constructions and recruiting units etc.

How to gain Merit and Gold?

You can get Merit and Gold by challenging campaigns and completing missions when you are lack of resources. Gold and Merit gained from campaigns and missions are very helpful for your preliminary development. Officers can still gain experience from campaigns for upgrade. By the way, do not forget to claim your Gift and Merit every day.

You must vigorously develop your base and outskirts at the inchoate stage to ensure you own the strength of contending for the hegemony of Europe. But how can we develop our bases and outskirts faster?

You will get 2 free Building Queues after accessing the game, when the cool-down time of the queues both exceed 4 hours, you have to wait until the cool-down time end, then you can build your constructions again. You can use Coupons to speed up the cool-down time and open new queues.

All of other constructions’ level cannot exceed the Command Center, and the Command Center’s level determines the constructing speed of other constructions. So we must upgrade the Command Center prior to other constructions.

Outskirts Development

Resource determines your research speed; resource constructions can supply you Gold which is the necessity for recruiting units and upgrading constructions, so you should give priority to upgrade your resource constructions after upgrading the Command Center. The resource constructions are Farmland, Power Plant, Steel Mill, Oil Refinery and Revenue Center.

Warm Tips: Click the “More” button in Commander Center panel to upgrade all the constructions more conveniently.

Base Development

You can upgrade military buildings under the circumstance that the resource is assuring. The military buildings are Tank Factory, Barracks, Artillery Factory and Recruiting Station. The level of military buildings determines the recruitment speed of corresponding units.

You can transform the base type with 50,000 Merits after the Command Center reaches level 10. You can select the base type according to you demand.

Production Base: A Resource base greatly increases your gold revenue but does not improve recruiting speed or quantity.

Infantry Base: An Infantry base provides 5 slots in the Infantry recruiting queue, and 8 slots for all kinds of units. No improvement to Gold revenue.

Tank Base: A tank base provides 5 slots in the Tank recruiting queue, and 8 slots for all kinds of units. No improvement to Gold revenue.

Artillery Base: An Artillery base provides 5 slots in the Artillery recruit queue and 8 slots for all kinds of units. No improvement to Gold revenue.

Combination Base: A Combination base provides 2 slots in the recruit queue for each kind of unit, and 8 slots for all. No improvement to Gold revenue.

You will be able to set up sub bases after you reach a certain Construction Points, then your strength will be increased faster, which can supply powerful guarantee for your battles!

When you accumulate enough resources from preliminary development, you can start to strengthen your military capability.



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