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Chaos of Three Kingdoms is a new game by HauYu Game, the same company that brought us Chaos of Three Kingdoms. Their new game, much like the other focuses on the Three Kingdoms Saga and uses that as a focal point for their storyline. This game however dives away from the strong focus on a single player RPG and instead focuses those efforts on developing a strong strategy based game, but does it succeed in that venue?

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The game starts you out with selecting a character to represent you in the game. There are four portraits for you to choose from with two male characters and two female characters. The actual selection is more based off of personal taste than choosing something that affects the game, as your character doesn't actually participate in any battles; his generals do that for him. A nice thing they did is that, while the selections are nice on their own, seeing the same four faces on every player would get tiring after a while, so they also allowed players to buy alternate avatars in game (using game or cash). The artwork for each model is fairly well done and reminiscent of Koei's Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategy games.

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The gameplay is fairly satisfying. One of the main weaknesses of their other game is the utter lack of doing anything else but the story missions; this does not suffer from that weakness. Instead, it focuses a lot more on the strategy aspects, and getting the player involved with other players. This is done by having them choose a nation early on, having to work with and compete with people of their own nation for resources (Money and Food), and an actual political system which elects a president for each nation. It does however, still have a single player storyline for players to complete, which has them fighting through battlefields in order to conquer generals for their army and to farm for equipment and other useful items. The mixture of these two genres makes the gameplay a lot more involved and less on the casual "okay I clicked this and now I have nothing to do" gameplay that a lot of these games suffer from.

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Some of the side features are on the hit and miss category. Like a lot of these games, there is a side bar telling you how long you have before you can upgrade a building, learn tech, or even enhance an item. On one side it does make you pick and choose what gets upgraded when to prioritize the time you're putting into the game, on the other hand however, this can get pretty dang annoying. For the enhancing items bit, you can only enhance on item at a time, yep, just one; not only that, but the chance of success meter changes each half hour. So when you're upgrading gear at one point it may be the golden age where you can upgrade the gear and have a high chance of it succeeding, then next thing you know it drops down to a thirty percent chance of success and you need to not only wait that out and hope the next half hour is better, but then also wait after each time you upgrade the gear.

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Battles in the game are much like their other game, as it takes the control out of your hands once battle commences and you get to watch as the battle plays out on its own. This can be a bit frustrating at times since they attack enemies in a certain sequence, which, when you want them to target someone in particular to take out first, won't happen. Other than that fact, it is still a decently done set-up. You place your generals in an order of your choosing on formations you unlocked, each formation gives them different buffs and each layout allows you to formulate how you want to position your troops before the fight commences. You can also use the RPG aspects to don on gear and level up the individual generals to help them overcome some of their weaknesses, and also strengthen their strengths even more.

Is the game worth checking out? Yes. The actual gameplay itself isn't too bad despite the kinks it does have. It will easily keep your attention with the different aspects you will be managing from resources to political and even keeping side tracked with the story. It is also not too complex which makes it very easy to pick up and play.

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