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If you are newbie in Chaos of Three Kingdoms, maybe there are some questions as follows, please do not worry about any questions, you will find the answer from the Answers. Hope that you will enjoy the game.

Chaos of Three Kingdoms

1. Why can't my Base upgrade to the levels higher than Lv 10?

The level of the Base cannot be higher than the highest level of your location. If you want to upgrade to a higher level, you need to defeat the final NPC in the Yellow Turbans Rebellion (except Tai Shici). After choosing your own country once the Country function is available, the cities will be moved automatically to a minimum of Lv 30 (Wei in Xuchang, Shu in Chengdu, and Wu in Jianye).

2. How do I increase the silver levied every time?

The higher the levels of residential areas, treasurers, local prosperity, legion levy, and technology are, the more the silver levied every time will be.

3. How do I calculate the silver paid by vassals?

Whenever vassals levy, they will present to their lords certain amounts of silver which are additionally provided by the system but not deducted from the silver levied. Vassals can only get the silver to be presented when lords collect them. Once lords get the silver from vassals, they will divide equally with their own lords. Suppose A is B's lord and B is C's lord. The silver to be presented to B will be divided equally between A and B. Once the relationship between vassals and lords terminates, the amount of silver will be reset to zero and lords cannot get silver.

4. Why can't I buy food?

There is a daily trade limit. The trade limit will be refreshed every day. Marketupgrading will lead to a larger trade amount.

5. Is there any logic behind the change of food prices?

Food price fluctuates between 0.5 (minimum) and 2 (maximum). Players are suggested to buy at a low price and sell at a high price to make a profit.

6. Are the upgrades of buildings realized in an instant?

In the game, the upgrades of buildings are made in an instant, but the builders need cool-down time for a rest.

7. How long will the added builders last?

They are Permanent.

8. How do I enhance loyalty?

Make proper choices when some dilemmas happen during levies, and then loyalty can be enhanced.

9. Will the silver I levied be decreased if I am conquered?

The silver you levied won't get decreased. Instead, they will be automatically shifted to your lord by the system.

10. How do I get silver?

You can get silver by levying, forcing levy, selling and buying food, selling equipment, getting silver presented by vassals, pleasing lords, and occupying silver mine.

11. How do I unlock dealers?

Once players reach Lv 30, they will be able to make deals. Players can deal with horse dealers or cloak dealers to get horses and cloaks of a high level and quality.

12. Which level do I need to reach so that I can have caravans in my Base?

Once the Base reaches Lv 41, caravans will show up.

13. Why does Speedup have different effects on Speedup Exp.?

The higher the Training Ground is, the more Speedup Exp. will become.

14. What's the upper limit of reset attributes?

The upper limit of reset attribute is 120, which equals to a generals' present level plus 20, that is, 120.

15. Why do generals need to be respawned?

After respawning generals, the levels of generals and troops will return to Lv 1, but the upper limit of the soldier levels will be accordingly raised.

Chaos of Three Kingdoms

16. Will the colors and ranks of equipment decide the enhancing value of equipment?

There are six levels of equipment—White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, and Purple. According to this sequence, the equipment levels will be higher and higher, and the enhancing value will be higher and higher. The ranks of equipment have nothing to do with the enhancing value; it merely relates to the initial value of equipment.

17. Why is my Attacking button gray?

The reasons may be that the order has not cooled down yet, or your troops have been wiped out completely by other players. When Attacking turns to be gray, you can leave the mouse on Attacking for a while and the system will give the reason why you cannot attack.

18. How do I collect rewards?

The war page will always show the progress of wars. The enemy troops with red flags are not defeated yet, while those with white flags are already defeated. After all the enemy troops are wiped out, the progress chart on the right hand will show a 100% completion and you can collect rewards. Now click to get rewards.

19. What if the training EXP is not enough to have a quick level rise?

Click the Speedup button on the page of Training to get training experiences; orexchange Honor for training experiences; or use Gold to buy higher-level training modes.

20. How do I lead more generals?

Upgrade the level of tactical deployment Technology and you will get more generals in wars.

21. do I restore Orders?

New Orders will be given every hour, or given at 9am, 12pm, and 19:30pm (You can get 5 new Orders separately via campaigning, attacking, conquering, occupying farms and silver mines every time.). For VIP players, they can buy Orders when they want; the higher level VIP players have, the more Orders they can buy every day.

22. How many rounds of fighting will result in a draw?

20 rounds.

23. Why did the Yellow Turbans win, when they were wiped out completely?

To win the battle, you have to make sure that after wiping out all the Yellow Turbans, there should be still other players alive besides the players who have won the battles three times in succession.

24. Can I get equipment by battling on the map where I have already gained rewards by battling?

Yes, you can. Whether you can get equipment has nothing to do with passing the map.

25. Why can't I attack others?

a) Is it winter? In winter you are not allowed to attack.
b) Do you have orders? New Orders will be given every hour, or given at the specific time of 9am, 12pm, and 19:30pm.

26. Why can't I defeat my enemies even if my level is higher than them?

a) The level of your equipment is lower than your enemies'. You should go to Shops to enhance your equipment.
b) The level of your technology is lower than your enemies'. You should go to Academy to upgrade your technology.
c) The formation of your troops is controlled by your enemies. You should go to Troops to adjust your Troop Formation.

27. Before Lv 15, why didn't I find my forces need to get restored after battles?

Before Lv 16, your forces will always get restored automatically after battles in an instant. You don't have to worry that the troops are short of forces.

28. What are the criteria to specify the numbers of free soldiers recruited by players?

Barracks of Lv 1 have 500 free soldiers. The higher the barracks are, the more free soldiers will be.

30. What rewards can I get after an Area war?

Prestige will be given as reward, which depends on the level of your Base and the result of the battle.

31. How do I increase the number of generals in the war? How do I recruit more generals?

A Lv 10 Academy will allow formations to reach Lv 2, with a maximum of 3 generals in the war.
A Lv 25 Academy will allow formations to reach Lv 5, with a maximum of 4 generals in the war.
A Lv 50 Academy will allow formations to reach Lv 10, with a maximum of 5 generals in the war.
After getting sufficient prestige, your title will be raised. When your title reach a certain level, you can recruit more generals.

32. How do I use Elite Soldiers in battle?

There are a limited number of Elite Soldiers. When all the Elite Soldiers are wiped out, players have to wait until new Elite Soldiers come again.

33. Why do my troops apply the original formation after I have already adjusted the formation?

New formation is valid only when you click “Set as default” after adjusting the formation.

34. Why do I earn less and less Honor in battles against NPCs?

As you upgrade by 1 level, the Honor you get will decreased by 20. You can only get basic Honor before your level is higher than NPC.

35. How many colors is there in the game?

From the low to high: white, green, blue, yellow, red, purple.

36. What's the puprpose of training?

Training will increase EXP automatically as training goes on. The higher level the Training Ground has, the more training experiences there will be. Compared with upgrading training experiences, it's much quicker to upgrade Honor. So you need to use the Speedup during the training.

37. Do the non-tactical generals and the tactically-defending generals need to take horses?

Non-tactical generals and the tactically-defending generals using horses can only enhance the forces of secondary attributes but will not have a bonus.

38. Can I change countries?

No, you can't. Once you have chosen your country, you can't change to another one.

39. How do I occupy others' cities?

You can increase your shares in the target cities via national wars, investments, and personal PVP. When your shares in the target cities surpass other parties and succeed in the area battles, the cities will be judged as yours.

40. Why can't I move after I meet the qualifications to move?

Maybe because you are still in the Move CD time. The Move CD will last for three hours. You can only move once every three hours.

41. Why the amount of silver levied in different areas are different?

The amount of silver levied is related to local prosperity. You can enhance local prosperity via investment in that area. The higher level the area has, the more prosperous the area is.

42. Where are the silver mines?

To find silver mines, you can click Area at the lower right corner, and then click “Going to silver mines”.

43. Why can't I wage a war to occupy farms?

You have to meet the following qualifications to wage a war to occupy farms:
a) The distance between the farm and the city where you locate is 1.
b) The legion which you belong to has to reach Lv 10.
c) Only the General of the legion you belong to can sign up for the war.
d) The number of farms occupied by the legion has not reached the upper limit yet.
e) The target farm has not occupied by your national legion or the allied legions.
f) Other legions have not signed up for a war to occupy the target farm.
g) The times for the legion to sign up are below the upper limit of 5 times.
h) The General of the legion can only sign up for the farm of which the stage is open.
i) You can't attack other legions' farms in winter.
j) The General of the legion has been in the trade union for more than 72 hours.

44. What factors can affect the silver earnings in the commercial relations?

The silver earnings will be affected by the number of the caravans dispatched, the levels of your post and your enemy', and the levels of your trade centers and your enemy's.

Chaos of Three Kingdoms

45. What is the number shown by the output of the farms and the silver mines?

It symbolizes the amount of food and silver you can get every minute.

46. How do I check my VIP-level information?

Please check your VIP level by clicking Recharge in the game. By clicking the introduction of VIP, you can see the advantages of VIP of all levels.

47. How do I check my title? How do I get title?

If you want to get a higher title, you have to earn higher prestige first. There are mainly 3 ways to get higher prestige: a) after moving to the country that you chose, the Base will give you a promotion notice. Click the button and enter, donate the Honor to earn prestige; b) to attack enemy's cities or invest in the World to earn prestige; c) to invest in the system of the World to earn prestige.

48. Where can I check my prestige value?

Players' prestige value of will be shown at the right higher corner.

49. Can we buy items in the mall?

After your Base reach Lv 21, tokens will be sold in the mall. The higher the Base is, the more tokens you can buy. In the mall, players snap up for the tokens or sell the tokens to earn silver.

50. How do I earn prestige?

Firstly, you can earn prestige by attacking the criminal wanted by the enemies. Secondly, you can earn prestige by investing and exchanging Honor.

51. Why can't I talk in nation chat?

Players can only chat once their nation rank is in the Top 100.

52. How long can the functions of VIP last once it is unlocked?

Those functions will last forever.

53. How many VIP levels? What are the VIP functions?

There are a total of 10 VIP levels. Players can check the VIP functions on the page of VIP instructions on the recharge page.

54. What's the sequence in the formation square of nine modes?

The attacking party gives the initial attack, and the two parties attack each other by the sequence of “from the front to the back, from top to bottom”.

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