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Championship Manager Online is a web version of the classic console game; Championship Manager (also known as CM). This game is a joint venture developed by Beautiful Game Studio (BGS) and Shanda Games. The best feature of it is that it inherits the classic form of game play, just like CM. On top of that, it offers the battle in the form of card, enables dynamic game play, and also includes the most updated football data. The main objective of the game is to recruit as many superstars while gaining as many wins and of course, become a true experienced Football Manager.

Game Features

1. More than 100,000 Real Players Database

With authorization from FIFA, CMOL is packed with more than 100,000 real football players database and all data is generated based on the latest league information for various regions.

Championship Manager Online Screenshot

Championship Manager Online Screenshot

2. Legendary Trail

When players manage to achieve high attack and defence value, he may challenge the legendary team, the 1996 Ajax team. At victory, the winner will receive a random amount of honor points and these can be exchanged for either a purple, red, or silver enhance card, or, either an ultimate treasure chest or a superstar treasure chest.

Championship Manager Online Screenshot

3. Homeground System

Homeground is a additional feature offered to allow managers to construct special buildings and receive additional bonus.

Championship Manager Online Screenshot

4. Various Type of Competition System

World Tour Mode

Championship Manager Online Screenshot

Ladder Challenge

Championship Manager Online Screenshot

Training Match

Championship Manager Online Screenshot

5. Transfer Market

By using the search function in the transfer market, managers are able to search and view all information on famous footballers from all over the world.

Championship Manager Online Screenshot

6. Player Avatar Editor

You can customize the avatar appearance according to your preference through this feature.
Editable appearances includes: Hair type, Face type, Eye type, Nose type, Mouth type, Hair colour, Eye colour and Skin type.

Championship Manager Online Screenshot

7. Player Grade

CMOL categorizes footballers by their colour; starting with the Ordinary (grey), Good (green), Excellent (blue), Promising (purple), Ultimate (red), Superstar (silver) and Legendary (gold). The higher grade footballers will have better growth limit.

Championship Manager Online Screenshot

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