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Call of Thrones is one of Yeepgame's most popular online-games, which now has more than 30 servers and over thousands players.

Call of Thrones is a new and unique free-to-play MMORPG in the world of browser MMOs. Call of Thrones is a 3D turn-based action RPG set in a medieval, warring Asian world. Choose from one of 4 styles of combat and complete quests, kill monsters, or run instances in the name of better gear. With Items featuring a system similar to that of Diablo 2, you sure to find gear to fit yours playing style. Customization doesn't just end here. Craft gems and inscription scrolls to insert in your gear and make it even stronger!

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An example of inscriptions and gems are inserted into a two-handed weapon. Call of thrones also has a fairly well crafted and balanced skill tree system that is sure to add even more customization than before. Learn new skills and passives to use both in and out of battle! From lethal armour crushing sword smashes to multi-hitting dual-wielding techniques and even devastating spear lunges are full of adventure. Try out the specially crafted healing buffs, defensive shield skills, or throw out some debilitating poison techniques.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

An example of the current two-handed skill tree with more to be coming for sure!Call of Thrones has also many other unique features such as upgradeable pet, mounts, and even special equipments called Relics. While all pets automatically help their owners during battle, mounts when upgraded can even be rode into battle. With many pets and mounts to choose from, at least one is guaranteed to catch your fancy. Charge your opponents with your trusty steed and savage, or maul them down a wind elemental and a giant black leopard mount.

What's stopping you from already wanting to play this highly addictive and rapidly expanding MMORPG? With both English and Philippine servers to choose from you sure to be able to connect to other players that will understand what you trying to say. Perhaps you worried that the community may not be friendly or ignorant like other MMORPGs. In a word, the Call of Thrones community is always active as well helpful and understanding to both veteran and newbie alike. So stop reading this and go play the Best 3D Browser game of 2012!

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