Call of Thrones - Enters the World of Easteros!

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Call of Thrones

Call of Thrones combines the action of a strategy game with the freedom of an RPG. As a game that runs straight from your browser, COT lets you game with convenience. Take the chance and find out what the hype is about by joining Yeepgame in the quest to save Easteros!

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Call of Thrones puts character customization on the map with hundreds of unique items and equipment. Tighten the straps on your breastplate and make your hero stand out. From wielding an old sword to brandishing a pair of Pioneer's Blades, the in-game items grant huge bonuses to character attributes and collecting them is part of the adventure.

Spanning over 60 levels of beautiful landscapes and perilous dungeons, COT puts you in a land at war. With a battle system that pits player against player, carrying out assassinations and testing your skills in arena battles, prepares you to forge an empire. Participating in the game's arena feature also rewards players with special prizes and the honor of conquering the heroes of the realm. The multi-player action in COT involves a lot of strategic planning, as your equipment, relics and even festive costumes contribute to winning duels. Serious players will also find the ranking system challenging as working your way up ladder requires more than pure leveling. 

With guilds and siege battles, you can journey through the game world alongside your friends. These player communities allow you to challenge cities in your quest to bring peace to Easteros. Siege champions get their names inscribed at the city limits, and this is one way to develop your legend in the game.  COT departs from the standard browser based gaming experience and engages you in a story that unfolds with every twist of your blade.

Even experienced explorers will find something new to appreciate, as high level instances give heroes the chance to gamble their fate against fantastical creatures. The end-game dungeons involve multiple areas and enough rewards to please the toughest of warriors. COT's gameplay is deep enough for hard-core gamers to appreciate, with detailed upgrade systems for pets, armors and add-ons, but also open to new gamers.

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If you want to experience the evolution of the RPG genre, visit '' and try out a 3D mix of strategy and adventure, a gem among browser-based games.

Logon and immerse yourself in the land of Easteros!



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