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Call of Thrones Preview

Date: Oct 27 2011 09:56:53 Source: Press Release
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Call of thrones

The mix of SLG and RPG elements in Call of thrones enables players to explore their own destiny while conquering territory and gaining power. The game's 3D visuals and music resemble client-based titles and offer players the best graphics and smoothest gameplay of any browser-based game on the market. In addition with detailed character customization and trade specialization systems players direct the path of their heroes.

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Basic Functions in Game

As a 3D web game, Call of Thrones offers graphics on par with traditional client-based games. With no more downloads or updates you game when you want to.

The features that set COT apart are the in depth Guild, Character Customization, and Skill Systems. No matter your play style, everyone will find something to like in COT.

The Skill System allows players to focus on the specializations they want, so whether you prefer the battle techs of a warrior, the mystique of a gem crafter, or even just want to forge armor for others, COT's skill system lets you direct the action. You can tryout different specializations and be ready for any situation.

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Character customization gives you the freedom to make your character unique. From the beginning players control how their characters look and respond to situations. From a wise sage to a young maiden, the appearance of your character is yours to set. Also High-level players can develop a hero type personality for increased power and prestige.

Guilds are groups where players come together and enjoy the thrills of adventure. In houses, players can share their accomplishments and trade their surplus supplies. All in all, the guild system represents the center of the COT's player community.

Skill Systems

COT's Skill system adds depth to character development, and brings trade skills back to the forefront of RPG gaming. Players can fill any role in a group, by skillfully developing their specializations.

There are three main specializations: combat skills, collecting and trade skills.  A player who develops his combat skill will find a welcome home on the battlefield and conquer many territories. Collecting and trade skill specializations complement each other. To craft an item, you first need the components. However, it's necessary to have trade skill specializations to create quality equipment and gemstones. Each of the specializations in COT corresponds to a different profession and their difficulty varies by skill type.

Fate System

The Fate system in COT is similar to the trade skill systems in most traditional RPGs. A player can choose from several fates, once they have unlocked the Fate system.

Each of the specializations teaches different abilities depending on the player's weapon. Players can also increase their fate by leveling, which will also grant access to new abilities. If you find your fate doesn't suit you, seek out the Wandering Alchemist and change your fortune.

Call of thrones

Title system

There is one Chief Magistrate for every city in Call of Thrones who handles the city affairs.  Chief Magistrates promote characters to higher ranks and provide daily salaries based on a player's title, which can be viewed from the character info window.  Players must frequently complete quests and accumulate merit to earn these promotions.
Once a player gains ten levels, the City Guard Captain will post a special quest that will grant the player a new title and a great reward. The player will receive a weapon and orange epic equipment as a reward. While working your way through the promotion system you will encounter some powerful weapons!

Pet and Mount System

In Call of Thrones equipment and treasures aren't the only ways to increase a character's Stats. Pets and mounts also play an important role, through stat bonuses and extra combat abilities.

There are many pets to find in COT ranging from the typical to the legendary or divine! Each pet has their own advantages so it is up to YOU to find a pet that matches your play style.

A good pet can increase a player's basic stats and attack enemies during battle. Also pets help refill a character's HP and provide other special benefits.

COT features several different type of mounts and each has a special attribute.  Mounts grant bonuses to character stats and increase movement speed. Imagine a warrior running across the map on foot and you can probably see why mounts are essential to adventurers. A great mount makes a big difference.

Call of thrones

Quest System

As the essence of the game, the quest system introduces the game content to players. COT offers three types of quests: main quests, sideline quests and daily quests. The main quests revolve around COT's storyline and give huge experience bonuses.

Sideline quests have a specific purpose and normally offer valuable items as rewards. For example, the "Evolution Stone" for the beast trainer's quest series "King of Beasts", is extremely valuable and required for upgrading pets.

Players looking for Exp., gold and merit can participate in the Daily Quest. Following these quests is a part of every great warrior's routine!

Purple Equip System

The greatest weapons in COT are upgraded weapons. Purple Equips are very rare, and grow more powerful with each upgrade. If you are looking for a stat boost, you can't miss out on equipment like this!

Achievement System

Call of thrones reinvents the traditional quest system and adds depth with an achievement system. Players with a grip on adventure can reap the rewards of these lucrative quests. Keeping up with daily challenge and working on achievements is a great way to build character!

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