Ultimate Token Guide for Call of Thrones Players

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Call of Thrones is one of Yeepgame's most popular online-games, which now has more than 30 servers and over thousands players.

In Call of Thrones, Token is one of the very important items in-game, if you have tons of these then you could become one of the top ranking players in your server. Here's a simple guide on how to get these tokens and what specific task in order to get them fast!

Heavenly Sent Token

This is one of Call of Thrones' Daily Event, and not the easiest and sure way to get a Token, with hundreds of players to compete wanting to bump a token before you! Every day starting from 00:30 (NOTE: I think the time provided by we see on our server time is moved by an hour, meaning the event will start from 1:30 - 23:30 even the event says 00:30 ,this is already a plus for you guys who read this post as NOT EVERYONE KNOW THIS) Military Envoys discovered a token trove from the gods, these are sent for protection but some went missing, The tokens will appear in all 42 cities and to get them is following these instructions bellow.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

In the EVENT Tab you can scroll and search for Heavenly Sent Token event which again start 00:30 with 2 hours interval.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

By Clicking the PARTICIPATE button you'll automatically go to the tokens that are still available in towns ( Tokens are already taken by other players will be gone and refresh after 2 hours so GET THERE FAST! )

If you want to go there manually or be there before the event starts, always go to ANY towns inner cities and look for these locations, this is locations where I am standing at the actual location the tokens are summoned, click the tokens or click participate again when the event starts.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

After Clicking the token or Clicking Participate for you character to route your way and click automatically, you'll be receiving Token Bags in an instant by luck or fight the Swift Assassins before getting the bag.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Opening the Token Bag guarantees you 2 pcs Token, or if you are lucky, you might get a Sweet Token w/c Gives you 2 pcs Token giving you 2 to 3 Tokens Per Token Bag by chance!

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Remember me mentioning GETTING THERE FAST? you should have this ultra fast mount called NIGHT SONG, This Mount is definitely the best starter mount for players and gives whopping stats on each upgrade and can be transformed to Kirin on 20 stars! Having this mount not only gives you ADVANTAGE in getting tokens but also GETTING THERE IN STYLE and an edge to other players because of the stats it gives!! you'll only have this pet through TOP-UP VOUCHER TRADER, topping up a total of 6k gold will give you 60 vouchers ( 20 vouchers for 2k gold purchase ), you can purchase it for only 50 vouchers, you'll have extra 10 vouchers and for your next top-up, I recommend buying Sky sword as it also boost your stats bigtime for 25 vouchers! I talked to players about this and others are saying, "why would we need those if we can get tokens for free without topping up for gold", and I always say, "You're already hooked up in the game spending hours collecting tokens, stuffs and grinding so why not to load? Give yourself a favor and buy some gold, it makes your life easy".

Hello guys, welcome to Call of Thrones enjoy Summer day, join us as quickly as possible, come on!

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