The Guide to Make Use of Gemstone in Call of Thrones

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Call of Thrones is one of Yeepgame's most popular online-games, which now has more than 30 servers. To let every yeeper have big progress in Call of Thrones, here Yeepgame releases Gemstone guide to all of you.

Gemstone is very important in Call of Thrones, because Gemstone make our battle PvE or PvP easier. As you lever up, all mobs and bosses are become harder than before, they hit harder and have higher Hp. If you don't use gems, your chance of winning in a battle is low.

Firstly, you must collect Gemstone Shards in Crystal Mine. You don't need Trade skill to collect gemstone shards. You will collect gemstone shards and Flower Pebble in Crystal Mine. The only useful is gemstone shards. The Flower Pebble is useless so you better sell it in shop. Or you can buy Gemstone Shards at Gemstone Merchant (next to the Gemstone Crafting Table) with the price 200 coins per shards. It's very expensive so I strongly suggest that you do the mining for shards.

Tips: Don't mine gems in low level city. Common mine give few shards and many Flower Pebble. Go to high level city, search for Uncommon Crystal Mine, you will get more shards than flower pebble.

Secondly, socket your items. Go to the Gemstone Crafting Table in every city.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Click Add Gemstone Socket. Putting in your items, then you can randomly socket it. If you are lucky enough, you will get 4 sockets in a few try. Or you can lock your socket and go on socket more. As we know the price for lock socket is high: the First lock needs 600 gold, the second lock needs 300 gold, the third lock need 100 gold. If you are not happy with your current locked socket and want to change, you can unlock it for free. There's 5 different color of socket: blue, green, red, yellow and rainbow. Each type go with the same color gems (ex: blue socket go with blue gems only), except rainbow socket can go with any type of gems.)

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Thirdly, make gems. Make the gems with the same color as your sockets. These are the list of gems available in COT:

Blue gems: Strength, Stamina, Agility.
Green Gems: Defense, Hp drain, Ep drain.
Red gems: Damage, Critical, Accuracy, Speed.
Yellow gems: Burn damage, Bleed damage, Poison damage, Healing.
Rainbow gems: Diamond (available only on shop), Alexandrite, Opal, Amethyst, Amber.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

There are 7 levels of gems: Low, Mid, High (for rainbow only), Super, Mega, Ultra, Cosmic. High level gems need 5 of their lower gems (ex: 5 low diamond = 1 mid diamond) From Mega to Cosmic gems, you need Sublimation Stone to make. Another way to make gems is using Common Gemstone Voucher. But you can only use this way with Mega gems and lower.

Finally, you can add the gems in to your socket by choosing the Embed/Removed Gemstone at Gemstone Crafting Table and ut your items on and right click to add gems to your socket items. If you don't want your current gem, remove it and add another gem in.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Working on gems will make you stronger, this is an effective way for none gold buyer to go high level instance without dying.

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