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Call of Thrones

Take the future of Call of Thrones into your hands during Yeepgame's Beta Test. For a limited period of time all players who logon to COT will receive special gold allowances and items to start their adventuring. With all these choices, gamers will need to plan out how to use their riches wisely to obtain the best equipment and items.

For the first twenty levels the best equipment comes directly from the shop. Experienced Beta players normally pick up a 'Novice Fun Pack' after character creation. Inside each pack you will find a full set of orange-grade armor including rings and charms. This greatly improves character attributes, and with four weapon categories to specialize in, players can find hundreds of weapons to master. The massive 'War Beacon Blade' and an ancient bronze spear will give gamers an edge on the competition. With powerful first ranks these items will keep you alive during low level PvP matches, and require only gold to upgrade.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Fashion also plays an important role in the world of Easteros. Costumes can be bought from the Shop and will raise accuracy while changing character appearance. The costumes overlay normal weapons and equipment so that you can take on the mystique of wandering elves or the stealth of a black cat. New players should focus on collecting a full costume set when starting the game.

For players interested in upgrading their pets COT offers a special quest that will exchange your standard pet for a special pet egg. Use this to hatch a wind elemental, flower sprite or Blood Specter. These three companions will boost your stats and accompany your character through instances and towns. Although you can pick up one of these guys from the shop, completing the egg quest levels your pet to the same level as the pet you exchanged. Search for the special egg once you reach level ten.

Call of Thrones: Pet

Dedicated players should also notice the relics in COT. With the game's largest stat bonuses coming from relics, a good relic tips the scales in guild combat and on the ranking system. The quest 'special relic mold' offers several first tier relics including 'Art of War Notes' at a great discount. With several relics in your inventory, soloing instance bosses on legendary might just be your new hobby.

Take these tips to the frontlines and follow the call on Yeepgame!



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