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Call of Thrones

The main form of player vs. player combat (also known as PvP) in "Call of Thrones" will be one player attacking another player. When this happens, it will start a countdown timer of 200 seconds. If this timer counts all the way down without a winner, combatants will not receive any rewards or experience. So make sure when you enter combat you have all the gear you need!

Now a bit about your Combat abilities. Hit Points work the same as any standard game these days, when your Hit Points reach zero, your character will fall in combat. Energy in 'Call of Thrones' works like Mana does in other games. Without Energy, your character cannot use their special attacks for their weapon.

"Call of Thrones" adopts both turn based combat systems and an active combat mode to reduce unnecessary battles. This means you can focus more on enjoying the game and less about the interface!

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Click on any instance to enter and begin combat. For example, players can select the Wild Wolf Cave enter into the cave and see the monsters inside.  Once inside, choose between manual combat and auto combat modes to start your attack. Be careful, for auto combat consumes coupons or gold. By choosing the VIP or Gold auto combat, the player’s HP will recover automatically during each round.

Guild combat in "Call of Thrones" is different than other games and plays a crucial role in the game. It combines RPG with RTS elements together so guild battles become a turn-based strategy mini game for high-level players. Players can seize cities and capture equipment through participating in these large scale battles. Guild combat is initiated by the king of one kingdom who will appoint one city inside his sphere of influence and choose an enemy city to attack. Once chosen, he will gather two types of troops; siege forces and garrison forces. Guild combat consumes city resources including, troops, army provisions and money.

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Battle begins! There are three ways to trigger guild combat:

First, the siege force launches combat immediately after arriving at the target city.

Second, two siege forces begin combat immediately after they encounter each other.

Third, if the city is occupied by other kingdoms when the siege forces set out, the siege forces will fight with the garrison forces after they return to their original city. There is no round limit; combat goes till one force is the winner.

The city that is occupied cannot form another force until its siege forces are disbanded. For example, if Wildmoor is occupied by another city when its siege forces are attacking Greenmeadow, Wildmoor cannot form another siege force until the first one is defeated or victorious!

Each party contains 1 military counselor and 5 troops, and each soldier is controlled by 1 general. The military counselor and his battle plan are equivalent to the passive instructions to his troops. This is similar to actions in solo combat, which troops acting like HP.

During guild combat troops represent your HP. Guild combat also has offensive and defensive modes. The offensive and defensive roles will be affected by the military counselor’s plan or assigned by the system at random.

The Guild forces can be formed by 1 to 5 troops, and each troop should have a general in command.

There you have it! How basic Guild combat works in "Call of Thrones." Sharpen your weapon and get ready to fight for your kingdom!



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