How to Get and Upgrade Your Orange Legendary Weapon in Call of Thrones

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Call of Thrones

One of the best weapons you can obtain in the world of "Call of Thrones" is the orange weapon of Legend you can obtain. This is a simple guide you can follow to quickly get this weapon and start using it to defeat your foes and win the war for your kingdom!

After you create your character, your first task is to get your character up to lever fifteen. Once that is done you need to head to the Rockhome instance. After a few times wandering into these areas and defeating foes, check your character sheet, you will see that your Merit is rising since you are opposing enemies to your kingdom. Once your Merit rises enough you will get a notice that you have reached the military rank of Corporal, after that head to the nearest town and speak to the 'Chief Magistrate'.

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While you are talking to him you have the option to receive a quest called "[Side line] Title Elite General LVL10" Once you get this quest you should then receive your powerful orange colored weapon!

Now that you have your orange weapon, how do you make certain it is still useful from level fifteen all the way to level fifty? Well, your orange weapons are upgradable! While you are in town speaking to the 'Chief Magistrate', let's learn how to make this weapon into a force to be reckoned with.

Get out there and obtain this weapon, it will help you enjoy this great game from

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Head to the nearby Weapon Forge, upon clicking it you will see the option 'Weapon Rank Upgrade'. Now that the menu is open, right click your weapon and it should be transferred into the menu. Check under the 'Required Materials' portion of the screen and you will see if you need anything to add to the forge to finish your upgrade. Typically, the first upgrade should just be a few copper bars. Once all this is in place, just click the "Upgrade" button and you should have an even more powerful Legendary weapon!

You can find "Shop District" in these City -

Waymarsh , Somerset , Newkeep and find NPC "Get one per day(Referral Officer)"

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