How to Become the Best in Call of Thrones to Newbie in Short-term

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Call of Thrones is a fun, addictive game which is a beautiful 3D scenes of intense action. This is a quick and simple guide on how a newbie be on top of the game in early stage.

Just simple steps can make you reach high stage in short period:

1. Create your desired character (Choose any of the four classes --- "two-handed", "Dual Wield", "Sword and Shield" and last but not the least "Polearm"--- on your own liking. This is mostly a slash and hack action and some magic involve that you can learn later on as you advance on the game.

2. Follow the tutorial and do the "main quest" (you can advance up to level 15-20 while doing the main quest on the early stage.

3. There are different strongly suggested side quest that you can do to obtain the ff:

A. Epic Weapon or beginner – Such as strong lvl 10 requirement Orange colored weapon for your character (By doing Chief migrate quest – Becoming a corporal)

A.1. Talk to Uino Chief Magistrate and take the quest becoming corporal.

A.2. Talk again to Uino and click the Title promotion.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

A.3. Click Upgrade (Be sure you have 5 merit points because it is needed to be a private. NOTE: I will explain later where can you gain merit points but for now if you where level 15 im sure you have 5 merits already)

A.4. Talk again to Uino and click the Title promotion.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

A.5. Click Upgrade to become a Corporal (on this step you must do couple of merit quest to gain 20 merit points)

A.6. Finally when you are now promoted as corporal talk again to Uino and claim your desired Epic weapon and the finished the quest.

B. Merit points - Merit points that are very essential to the game for you to progress not just lvl up but upgrade your character titles (Character titles give your character boost in your stats. Here are the few quest where you can obtain Merit points.

B.1. Do the daily quest given by Uino Chief Magistrate – Making contribution. This is composing with different parts an all in all you can gain 8 merit points everyday if you do this quest (level suggestion lvl 22 to complete all his quest)

B.2. Do The Instances Quest given by Adviser on that area. Every quest here gives 5 merit points and the last quest gives 10 merit points (if im not mistaken I've gotten almost 50 merit points on one full instances area quests.)

B.3. "KILL OR BE KILLED" There are few quest that give merit points for those who kill other player (PK) see the on the quest list. (be careful on whom your dealing with…. You may not know what will happen…)

Ok from this point on you're on your own. You can do whatever you like to do. Be happy with your created character and enjoy this fabulous game.

Thank you so much.



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