Get Promoted to Be a Corporal in Call of Thrones

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When logging into Call of Thrones, you will automatically have a title called "EASANT" that we call as the newbie rank. To start, you can just follow the main quest to get familiar with the game. After reaching level 10, by checking your character status (press key "C"), you will notice that your merits are 5/5, which means you can be promoted at that point.

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Press the guide button in the upper right corner of your screen and click promotion; it will bring you to the CHIEF MAGISTRATE. This is the NPC that will rank up your title every time you obtain the sufficient number of merits required for title promotion. As you can see now you are not a corporal yet, so before making it ranked up a corporal, you need to become a PRIVATE first. Now check again your character and as you notice it's 0/20.

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After that, just continue doing the main quest and when you reach level 15 there will be an instance (The Rockshore) ,where you can get some merits when doing instance quest(remember that "instance quest" is not the main quest). You can finish four instance quests to gain all the merits needed because one instance quest gives five merits. Aside from that, you can also do daily quests from the NPC named Chief Magistrate, who will also reward you some merits .I don't know exactly how many merits he gives because I rather choose instance quest as it is faster to collect the merits and it offers more exp than taking the daily quests.

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After you complete the instance quest, check if your character's merit status is 20/20. If not, you have to keep doing the instance quest till it's full. Once the merit reaches 20/20, it is the time you've been waiting for and it's time to begin the promoting process to a CORPORAL. Click again the Guide button and then promotion; it will automatically bring you to the Chief Magistrate to finish the Corporal title promotion.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

At last, there is one more thing I like to bring here that you guys should get the quest "Title Elite General lvl10", by finishing which you can grasp a legendary weapon as a newly promoted CORPORAL now. The weapon is given by NPC "Legendary Gear Trader". After all those done, you step into a new stage in Call of Thrones now! Have fun!



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