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Questing for Legendary Weapons
Characters obtain rare weapons by completing quests after reaching lv10. Rare weapons are most effective at helping characters level up and defeat monsters.

Quest Requirements
Beginners should follow the main quest line. The quests at the beginning are a guide to help players become familiar with the game as soon as possible. Players will receive their first rare weapon quest when they reach lv10, and will receive a new rare weapon quest every 10 levels.

The Chief Magistrate
Players can receive rare weapon quests at Chief Magistrate in the inner city. That NPC is in charge of sending players on quests, and while the quests are simple, the rewards are considerable. Players will obtain a rare weapon after completing the rare weapon quest.

Completing the Quests
The rewards are considerable and the quests are easy to complete. Players will be able to exchange one rare weapon when obtaining an official promotion. Players can choose one rare weapon among four quest rewards that correspond to the four weapon specializations.

Rare Weapon Exchange NPC
Players can find the Legendary Set Exchange NPC at the three main cities to exchange relevant equipment when they get a promotion. The Legendary Set Exchange NPC is found in the Arena of the three main cities. Players can also find the NPC through the game guide.

Players who reach lv10, lv20, lv30, lv40, lv50 and lv60 can receive corresponding Quests at the Chief Magistrate and complete the Quests to obtain orange weapons as rewards.

Daily Quest
In addition to the main quests, there are also many side quests and daily quests in the game. Players will obtain Exp, coins, and even bonus and special items by completing side quests. Players can only accept the daily quest once a day and the rewards of daily quests are considerable. In addition to a lot of Exp and coins, some daily quests will also reward players with vouchers.

The daily quests will change along with the level of the player.
In addition to offering Exp and coins as rewards daily quests are also easier to complete. Some daily quests will reward vouchers that will meet a players’ daily autopilot requirement. Therefore, players will be able to enjoy the VIP treatment without investing a lot of money.

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