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Call of Thrones is one of Yeepgame 's most popular online-games, which now has more than 35 servers and over thousands players.

Call of Thrones has a very unique Gear Growth System or different ways to enhance your gear. As your level goes higher, you will encounter ways of enhancing your gears, you can even upgrade your gear up to then next Tier Higher. Even your Costumes can be enhanced to ATK type or DEF type. It depends on how you play with Call of Thrones, if you are the aggressive one, you can chose the ATK type or if your play slowly but sure type you can choose DEF type.

There are tons of ways to enhance your gears. Enhancing means power and power in MMORPGs somehow means popularity to most of us. I bet you are now excited on how to enhance your gears. For now I'll be giving some of the basics ways of enhancing, remember basics are always the foundation of everything. And I'll leave the rest of the other ways for you to discover as you play Call of Thrones.

Adding Sockets (Requires Level 20)

To add Sockets, you can go to the Gemstone Crafting Table. You can look for this crafting table in City NPC tab for auto tracking. Sockets are color coded. There are 5 colors of sockets that corresponds the 5 colors of Gems. Blue, Red、Green、Gold and Rainbow. The outcome of adding socket is in random, random color may appear and random number of sockets from 1 - 4 sockets.

But there is an option where you can lock the socket. Which means when you lock the socket you have chose, this will not change color and will be retained on your next attempts on adding sockets. Locking socket will guaranty you the color and the socket. But you have to pay 600 gold for the first socket, 300 for the second socket and 100 for the third socket but you can unlock them again for free.

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Now after you are done sockets, you can now get to the next step in enhancing your gear.

Embedding Gems (Requires Level 20)
There are 5 colors of gems to choose from and each colors have different types of gems.
The Higher the Gem's Grade, the Higher the bonus stat it adds.

Green Gems
Green Sapphire - adds Defense and HP
Green Emerald - adds HP drain
Green Beryl - adds EP drain

Red Gems
Red Sapphire - adds Damage and HP
Red Ruby - adds Accuracy and HP
Red Beryl - adds Critical and HP
Red Garnet - adds Speed and HP

Blue Gems
Blue Sapphire - adds Strength and HP
Blue Topaz - adds Stamina and HP
Blue Beryl - adds Agility and HP

Gold Gems
Golden Spahhire - adds Bleed Damage and HP
Golden Amitrine - adds Poison Damage and HP
Golden Beryl - adds Burn Damage and HP
Golden Citrine - adds Healing and HP

Rainbow Gems
Alexandrite - adds Damage, Critical, Accuracy, HP and Speed
Opal - adds Poison Damage, Bleed Damage, Burn Damage and Speed
Amethyst - adds Strength, Stamina, Agility and Speed
Amber - adds HP, Defense, Dodge, Healing and Speed

Rainbow Gemstone Shards cannot be found on Crystal Mines but from Smelting Gears.

Smelt skill is included in the Trade Skill Tree and can be bought from Trade Skill Instructor.

To Embed Gems, you first need to make Gemstones from Gemstone Shards which can be found on Crystal Mines which is located in every city's outskirt.

To make the different grade of gems, you need to combine 5 units of same type of gems.

Low-Grade Gems = 5 units of Gemstone Shards
Medium-Grade Gems = 5 units of Low-Grade Gems
High-Grade Rainbow Gems = 5 units of Medium-Grade Gems and 3 units of Sublimation Stone (Can be dropped by enemies or bought from shop)
Superior-Grade Gems = 5 units of Medium-Grade Gems
Superior-Grade Rainbow Gems = 5 units of High-Grade Rainbow Gems and 5 units of Sublimation Stone
Mega-Grade Gems = 5 units of Superior-Grade Gems and 2 units of Sublimation Stone
Mega-Grade Rainbow Gems = 5 units of Superior-Grade Rainbow Gems and 8 units of Sublimation Stone
Ultra-Grade Gems = 5 units of Mega-Grade Gems and 3 units of Sublimation Stone
Ultra-Grade Rainbow Gems = 5 units of Mega-Grade Rainbow Gems and 10 units of Sublimation Stone
Cosmic-Grade Gems = 5 units of Ultra-Grade Gems and 5 units of Sublimation Stone
Cosmic-Grade Rainbow Gems = 5 units of Ultra-Grade Rainbow Gems and 15 units of Sublimation Stone

To embed the Gems you made, click the Gemstone Crafting Table and choose Embed/Remove Gemstone.

Then right click the Socketed Gears you want to upgrade. The color of Gem to embed should correspond to the same color of Socket.

Then click the Gem you want to embed and click Embed.

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Gear Inscription/Inscribing (Requires Level 25)

Inscribing also greatly increase the strength of your gears. There are different kinds of inscription. Some of it gives Damage, Speed, Critical, HP drain and other boosting attributes. It gives additional attributes to your gears as well as adding name to your gears.

You can add two Inscriptions on a gear. For example, Dawning Warblade and Inscribing Damage Inscription will add Ruthless to its name making it Ruthless Dawning Warblade, and adding another Sunder Inscription will make it Ruthless Destructive Dawning Warblade.

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To inscribe talk to the Inscription Merchant and choose Make Inscriptions and choose what Rank of Inscription you want to make. Now that you have your Inscription let as now Inscribe it on your gear. Talk to Inscription Merchant again and now choose Inscribe. Then choose the gears you want to put inscription and then choose your inscription. Green rank weapons and above have already inscriptions in them.

You can erase the inscription and put another inscription.

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But first you need to make Inscriptions, you need materials. You need different types of Ores for each and every Rank of Inscription.

Ore can be gathered from Ore Mines located in every city's outskirt.

Rank 1 = 1 unit if Iron Bar and 1 unit of Copper Bar
Rank 2 = 1 unit of Pure Iron Bar and 1 unit of Bronze Bar
Rank 3 = 2 units of Palladium Bar, 2 units of Brass Bar and 1 unit of Sublimation Stone
Rank 4 = 2 units of Titanium Bar, 2 units of Cuprite Bar 5 units of Sublimation Stone
Rank 5 = 2 units of Pure Titanium Bar, 2 units of Uranium bar and 20 units of Sublimation Stone
Rank 6 = 2 units of Adamantium Bar, 2 untis of Mythril Bar and 40 units of Sublimation Stone
Rank 7 = 2 units of Pure Adamantium Bar, 2 units of Pure Mythril Bar and 80 units of Sublimation Stone

Now we have introduced the enhancing Gears Guide of Call of Thrones to all the game-lovers. You can click those links below to enter Yeepgame platform or Call of Thrones. Wait for you guys!

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