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Call of Thrones

There are a lot of great, interesting and quality weapons in the game Call of Thrones by Yeepgame, yet if you are looking for a true gaming experience (along with a way to make some of the most powerful weapons in the game) read on and we will teach you what you need to make some of the better weapons in the game.

First of all, we should teach those who have never crafted a thing before how to begin crafting. To craft a basic starting item, you will need to collect 'Crushed Ore' from any 'Common Copper Mine'. They can be found in the outskirts of any city. Just look for a pile of dirt with small mineral bits sticking out of it. You can't miss them.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Mining is easy, just left click on the mine and you will automatically start mining! You might have to mine a few times since each node has random ore it produces. For example, the mining node I clicked upon to write this tutorial would give a potential miner: Crushed Ore, Copper Ore or Bronze Ore. The ore now needs to be forged into an item! Go to any forge (every city should have one) and click on it. At the forge click 'Novice Weapon Forging' Select what you want to forge and select the button labeled 'Create'. You will also notice on this screen it gives you a label marking the percentage chance you have to create something. Since we are going to create a low level weapon it should be at 100%.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

If everything has gone well you should have your first weapon! Once you have your weapon you will want to occasionally check the weapons quality. As a weapon is used in battle, you will find you are able to upgrade its Rank. When you increase a weapons Rank you also increase its basic abilities, making it deadlier than ever. To increase a weapons Rank, you again will have to be at the Weapon's Forge.

Left Click the forge again but this time select "Weapon Rank Upgrade". A new screen should come up which is your inventory screen. Right Click the weapon you want to upgrade (you did remember to put your weapon in your backpack right? You cannot put a weapon in a hot forge while you are still holding onto it!) and it show slots you need to add ingredients into. This will vary from item to item and some weapons you craft will not need any additional items at all! Click the 'Upgrade' button at the bottom of the screen and you should have a newly upgraded weapon.

Stay tuned, an article on crafting more advances weapons is coming!



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