Call of Thrones Guide: City Siege Info

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Call of Thrones

Call of Thrones

In Call of Thrones You need a guild level of 4 to be able to siege a city. A Siege occurs for over an hour where a team of players will attack a city and a team will defend it.

Currently there are 4 available cities that can be sieged namely: Ravenfall, Fey, Southhill and Wyl.

This cities have corresponding materials you can get daily from your guild warehouse assuming you have captured that city.

Here are the Materials given for each city:

Call of Thrones

What Day you can Bet for a Siege: Tuesday & Friday Betting will last 24hrs

Where you apply for a siege:

Call of Thrones Screenshot

You can apply for a siege by going to a Border Tablet of those 4 cities and click Siege City option, you bet by putting guild funds on it, a bet cost 100k minimum, if you are out bid by other guilds the guild fund you have bet will be returned.

Days of Siege battles:

Wednesday 4:00 PST

Saturday 8:00 PST

How to Enter a Siege and its Mechanics:

You and your guild mates have to go to the city you have betted on and go to the Border Tablet, you must click the Enter battlefield and go attack and destroy just 1 Gate to occupy the City, expect players who defend their cities:

Call of Thrones Screenshot

There are Several NPC's inside the battlefield, but what you need to click is the NPC standing near the Gate and choose from Eastern, Western or Center Gate to Destroy, it is advisable that you focus on one gate so that you can destroy it faster, you can also use the retreat function in battle where you are almost dead, since if you die there is a cool down before you can enter to siege again.

Goal: The aim of the Offensive Guilds is to destroy just 1 gate before the time ends (1hour), you will notice that any skill or normal attack you do would only deal 10 damage, so it's advisable to use Dual wields with high speed and combos.

While the Defensive Guilds, the guys who own the City should focus on killing the players and the siege Vehicles.

It is also advisable that the offensive guild use shop items that would destroy the gates faster, like fill stones on the shop that would make the siege vehicles damage more and for those defenders of cities it is advisable you use healing items for the gates if they are about to be destroyed:

Call of Thrones Screenshot

After the duration of 1 hour the Battle will end and if the gates have not been destroyed by then the defending guild will still own the city, as a side note, owning Cities would increase your guild rank.



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