Character Attributes for Call of Thrones

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Call of Thrones

You will be running to the page of character creating by steeping into Call of Thrones.

The most important option is to select your fate, which in all includes four types:

Valour (Strength +1,Stamina+1) , Might (Strength +2) , Finesse (Agility+2) , Foritude (Stamina+2)

Here are the difference of Strength, Stamina and Agility:

Strength - Each point increases 2 Atk, and 1 Acc.
Stamina - Each point increases 5 HP, 1 Def, and 1 Blk.
Agility - Each point increases 1 Dge and 1 Crt

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We are not going to give unnecessary details about Attack Power, Defense Accuracy and Dodge since you are all familiar with their basic definitions. Details on Critical Strike and Crit-block, however, are worth talking about. Number of the Critical Strike determines the strike rate whereas Crit-block determines the rate that one can avoid a Critical Strike, which is equal to the working rule of Accuracy and Dodge.

Besides, there is Movement Speed to determines your recovery of Action Bar. All the professions but Dual-wield could only count on Reli to increase the attacking speed, while Dual-wield specially having a skill to increase the speed to distinguish itself from others. Also the Movement Speed determines how fast you recovery of Action will be.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Then let's analyze the attributes of Tier 2 Combat.

Call of Thrones Screenshot

The comprehensive fighting properties have few to be discussed here. Damage decrease will be varied according to the attacking properties of the enemy you are dealing

The following four Decreases are set for the damage of four different Specializations.

Poison Damage and Poison Resist are set specially for Projectiles Specialization that seldom people will practice. As a combat supportive Specialization, its effect is really minor, so we will not waste time on it.(It only helps to increase the damage to pets.)

Bleed Damage, Burn Damage and Resist are all set for Dual-wield profession, which is one rather fantastic profession.

Here are some instructions on Support Effects that most people don't quite get:

HP Recovery: HP point will be automatically recovered every 5 seconds during the combat.

EP Recovery: EP point will be automatically recovered every 5 seconds during the combat (the actual Recovery point will be half of the EP Recovery.)

HP Drain: HP Drain ensures you to recover your HP point after you make HP damage to the enemy every time you carry out a common attack or skilled attack.

EP Drain: EP Drain ensures you to recover your EP point after you make HP and EP damage to the enemy every time you cast a common attack or skilled attack

Deflect: Every time you get a common attack or skilled attack, the enemy will receive a deflected damage in return while you are not losing any HP or EP points.

Healing: Healing will increase the Hp recovery, which is to say that total number of HP and EP will both be enhanced together.

Players are able to play COT in a more flexible Way, and at the same time, monsters will become more cunning to handle. However, it is this feature that makes the highly evolved combat system a lot more fun.

Come to join us in Call of Thrones and explore more wonderful discoveries!



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