Call of Thrones Guide: Explore the New Map Ancient Arena

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Call of Thrones

In a mysterious corner of the world, unknown to all, there is a hidden secret. This secret is the Ancient Arena, where terrifying warlords, bloodthirsty beasts and devious bandits have been hiding their rarest treasures!

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Call of Thrones Screenshot

Those who are fortunate enough to find the Ancient Arena are the most feared elite warriors of the land. Here is the test of true strength. Only after killing the final BOSS in level 50 Instance – Hidden Cavern on Heroic or Legendary difficulty can you receive the Ancient Arena Pass. Only with this pass will you have the right to enter and battle with the best champions of the land.

Only the most talented warriors will risk death to face the challenges of the Ancient Arena! Only a few will survive to return in triumph with the head of the final boss in hand and a bag full of precious gems, artifacts and rare gear!

Are you ready for the Challenge?


  1. The Ancient Arena opens daily from 9:00-16:00 and 18:00-23:00.
  2. Players with the Arena Pass can enter the Ancient Arena during its operational hours, by clicking on the , and .
  3. Players receive 300% combat experience when fighting in The Ancient Arena!
  4. Rare items such as Evolution Stone, or Identification Scrolls may drop in the Ancient Arena.
  5. VIP autoquest function is disabled in the Ancient Arena.
  6. Form a Party in the Ancient Arena for more challenging rewards.
  7. PvP is possible in the Ancient Arena, so watch your back.

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