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Call of thrones

Beginner's Village

There are 43 cities and 15 instances in Call of Thrones. Players need to choose a kingdom when creating a new character. Lochedge, Springston and Marshdown are the three Starting Villages.

Springston, the Beginner Village of the Southern Kingdom.

Springston Screenshots

Troy, the Starting Village of the Northern Kingdom.

Springston Screenshots

Marshdown, the Starting Village of the Western Kingdom.

Springston Screenshots

There is no level requirement for entering a city. Players with a Pass can enter any city.

Springston Screenshots


Currently, there are a total of 43 cities in the Call of Thrones. All cities, big or small, have complete facilities. They have independent inner city and outer city structures for defending against sieges.

City Structures
A city is usually divided into an East Suburb, a West Suburb, the Inner City, the East City and the West City. Some large cities such as Somerset, Waymarsh and Newkeep also have a Shop District.

City Regions
East and West Suburbs: Players will receive new tasks when arriving at a city. Monsters often appear at the East and West Suburbs and materials such copper and iron are collected on the outskirts.

NPCs for skill advancement can be found in the inner city. Players who want to learn some new skills should visit the inner city. The Wandering Alchemist and Chief Magistrate also often appear in the inner city. Players who want to receive an official salary also need to visit the inner city.

The east and west portions of a city are where various merchants gather. Players that want to forge weapons make equipment or purchase medicines can do so there.

World Map

Easteros, the world of Call of Thrones spreads across a vast territory. In addition to the various city names, required levels and territory owners, the world map also includes instance locations.

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