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Call of thrones

Basic Attributes

Pressing the “C” button in the game will open up the character Menu. It gives you a clear overview of your character’s stats, including damage, critical hit rate, defence, accuracy, dodge, block, speed, etc.

Character Attribute

There are 4 main character attributes in “Call of Thrones”:Strength, Stamina, Agility, and Leadership.

Strength: Every point put into strength adds 3 damage, 1 accuracy, 5 health.

Stamina: every point put into stamina adds 20 health, 5 defence, 1 energy, 1 block.

Agility: every point put into agility adds 2 critical, 2 dodge, 2 accuracy, 5 health.

Leadership: not yet available.

Secondary Attributes

Secondary attributes are based on your basic attributes and receive bonuses from equipment, buffs, and other effects.

Secondary Attributes

Overall combat attributes

Average Damage: Basic damage for normal attacks.

Speed: Characters action speed during combat.

Physical Resistance: Reduces Physical attack damage.

Critical Damage: Critical damage from normal critical attacks.

Special Attributes

HP Recovery: Recovery rate of Health points every 5 seconds.

EP Recovery: Recovery rate of Energy points every 5 seconds.

HP Drain: A percentage of the damage from each normal attack or special attack will recover some of the player’s health points.

EP Drain: A percentage of the damage from each normal attack or special attack will recover some of the player’s health points.

Deflect: A percentage of the damage from each normal attack or special attack will bounce back to damage the opponent’s health points.

Sunder: The amount of armour ignored, for normal attacks or special attacks.

Character attack attributes

Poison Damage: Effects total Poison damage over time.

Bleed Damage: Effects total Bleed damage over time.

Burn Damage: Effects total Burn damage over time.

Character resist attributes

Poison Resist: Reduces poison damage overtime

Bleed Resist: Reduces Bleed Damage over time.

Burn Resist: Reduces Burn Damage over time.

Block: Reduces opponent’s chance to score a critical hit.

Fate System Introduction

Following the creation of your character, Fate can be used to enhance your Stats. Open your character menu and learn your fate!

Fate System

Fate Attributes

There are 6 types of fate, and each separated into 6 tiers. Novice players with no honour or merit can only change their fate within the first tier. When Official titles and level requirements are reached, players may activate the next tier, unlocking each tier of Fate requires a “Life Token”.

Fate will follow a player throughout the game. When fate levels up, each basic attribute will increase. Besides that, starting from the second tier Fate, every fate will give the player extra bonuses for each level the player gains.

Fate Attributes


Skill specialization is an important part of profession. Player professions are entirely based on their specializations. Learning specializations will open new specialization slots. Each player is allowed 4 specializations. New players to the game will first learn about specializations by completing specialization tasks, receiving their first weapon specialization, and activating their first specialization slot.


Unlocking Specialization Slots

When the player reaches level 8, they will receive the quest Sworn Friendship. The quest asks the player to kill 9 Rockshore Elites and report back to Avyn. The quest will reward 1000 Exp, 5 Merits, and most importantly unlock the next specialization slot. The second specialization slot will open, and the player will be able to learn a second skill.


Requirements for unlocking specialization slots

Each player has 4 skill specialization slots. There are certain requirements to unlock each of these slots. The first and second specialization slots will be opened by following the main quest, the 3rd slot is purchased with coins.

To unlock the 3rd skill specialization slot, the player must pay 5,000 coins, and this is still relatively affordable. To unlock the last skill specialization slot, however, the player must invest 50,000 coins.




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