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Call of Gods

Tired of city-building games without substance? Call of Gods single-handedly revolutionizes the genre by refining the existing model and adding an immersive world with exciting RPG elements.

Fans of the city-building genre will love Call of Gods’ streamlined systems. Players can produce resources, upgrade Magic and Technology, recruit soldiers, and more, all from within the walls of their personal Base. The more you develop your Base, the more resources you can dedicate to your army and the more powerful you will become.

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Set in the mysterious land of Masure, Call of Gods also boasts dozens of different territories to explore, each with their own diverse cast of characters and monsters. As you travel deeper into the mainland, the plot thickens and new challenges emerge in the form of quests. Use your brawn and brains to complete the quests offered to you by strangers and you’ll receive bountiful rewards!

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Strangers you meet will often enlist your help to eradicate local monsters. Make sure your army is up for the task before sending them into battle! Call of Gods boasts a beautiful and fluid animated battle system with impressive 3D graphics. Watch as ghoulish phantoms float across the battlefield and a sea of arrows falls like rain from the sky. Combat isn’t all eye candy though, but also boasts a sophisticated battle system which takes into account range, unit type, hero attributes, equipment and much more.

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Strange monsters aren’t the only enemy you can fight; you’ll also have to face other players on the battlefield. Indeed, player interaction is a central component of Call of Gods which makes playing with friends even more fun! Dare to venture out into the Wild, and you’ll find hundreds of other players to befriend and attack. You can also make and join Alliances to complete upcoming team-based quests!

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Need more powerful gear for your heroes?  Why not venture into one of Masure’s many dreary dungeons! Fight off insidious monsters and collect hidden treasures as you navigate your way through dimly lit, maze-like tunnels. If you are lucky enough to make it out alive, you’ll have the riches to show for it.

Call of Gods Screenshots

Whether you like intense battling, engaging tales of eternal struggle, or good ol’ resource management, Call of Gods has something for everyone! This innovative new title brings together the best of RPGs and strategy browser games to create a gaming experience you won’t soon forget. Join now to start playing for free!



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