Call of Gods Guide: Target Homing Road

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Call of Gods

Thank you Daehawk!

Target Homing Road

This is a new feature recently added to the game to go with the new quests side panel. If you've every had trouble finding a place or clicking on a place under the quest side panel. Don't worry. Your issues are solved.

Call of Gods Screenshots

Step one to setting up this new feature is going to the options menu and checking the box that says Toggle Homing Road.

Call of Gods Screenshots

Next you use the side panel for the quests to click on the name of the creature you need to go fight. Even if you are not at that location it will take you to the area and initiate the combat automatically!

Call of Gods Screenshots

In the final step it will then have the quest receivers name listed where the creature was before. If you click on that it will take you automatically back to the location of the quest giver and turn in the quest.

Call of Gods Screenshots

If the game feels that your strength is way too low to fight the place like if you have 1 hero assigned with 1 unit in it you may get this message.

And that concludes how to use the Target Homing Road.

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