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Call of Gods
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Click the Hero option to enter the Hero interface and perform various actions.

Click on the Hero Info, Hero equipment, Army Assignment and Hero Assignment buttons to switch to the respective interface and perform actions.

A.Hero Info Interface:

View all Heroes in your current roster, including deployed and garrisoned Heroes.

1)Hero Operations:
Hero Operations

2)Hero Attributes
Hero Attributes

B.View Equipment

1)Hero Equipment Display: Only displays equipment used by current Hero. Left-click to automatically equip items in respective slots.

2)Hero Attributes: After changing equipment, you can check your Hero's respective attribute increases via the Hero panel.

3)Hero Skills: View current Hero's learned skills.

C.Army Assignment

In the Army Assignment interface, players can assign idle troops to a Hero. The number of troops a Hero can lead is dependent on his Command level.

Operation Method: Click on a Hero's Army Assignment option for a drop-down list, select the military unit type you wish to assign, input your desired quantity, and confirm to complete the action.

1)Draft: Click to enter the Barracks and recruit even more soldiers.

2)Auto-replenish: Click to automatically replenish troops led by the current Hero to its maximum quantity.

D.Hero Assignment

Every Lord can hire up to 12 Heroes, but can only bring 6 Heroes into battle each time.

Players can assign some Heroes as Support Heroes. You can switch your current Hero and Support Hero in this screen.

Hero Assignment

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