Call of Gods Tutorial: Item Socketing

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Call of Gods

Call of Gods Tutorial: Item Socketing

In Call of Gods, many types of equipment have holes for gem, and add gem will promote equipments’ property.

When you want to socket items, you can go each main city to visit gem socketeer.

Socketing NPC

Call of Gods Screenshots

Elf-------Arthlan-------Deflation Woods

Undead----Necrolis------Shackle Palace

Call of Gods Screenshots

Human----Sanctaria----Home of Fighters

Call of Gods Screenshots

Regia Deorum-------Courage Palace

Socketing Process

Call of Gods Screenshots

1. It shows how many items you can socket gems.

2. Gem has already been socketed in the items.

3. You can choose any gem in the item’s hole.

4. You can punch a hole in the item and then you may socket it.

Note: Gems can gain from everywhere such as shop, wheel of fortune, dungeons and so on.

Item contrast

Call of Gods Screenshot

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