Call of Gods Guide: Treasure Chests

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Call of Gods

Call of Gods: Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests in Call of Gods contain equipment, resources or other useful items. Treasure Chests come in three varieties – Bronze, Silver and Golden – and four grades – I, II, III and IV.

Treasure Chests can be obtained by exploring Dungeons and fighting Dungeon monsters or by fighting monsters in the World map. They can also be bought and sold between players at the Auction House in your race's main city (Sanctaria, Arthlan or Necrolis).

In order to open a Treasure Chest you'll need a Bronze, Silver or Golden Key. You can find Treasure Chest Keys by exploring Dungeons and fighting Dungeon monsters. Silver Keys can be bought from the Exchange Shop in your race's main city using your Reputation or Honor points (Reputation is gained by donating Silver to your Alliance and completing Alliance Quests. Honor is gained by fighting other players in the Wild map or the Arena). Bronze Keys can also be purchased from the Shop using Silver. All three types of Dungeon Keys can be obtained by spinning the Wheel of Fortune.

Below is a list of possible items that are contained in different Treasure Chests. A Treasure Chest will contain one item from the following list of possible items:

Call of Gods: Treasure Chests
Call of Gods: Treasure Chests



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