Call of Gods Guide: Defeating Dungeon Guardians

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Call of Gods

Once you've reached Level 10, Call of Gods' vast Dungeon system will become available. Exploring Dungeons is a great way of gaining Exp, resources and other useful items. To explore a Dungeon, click on the "Dungeon" button on the bottom of the game interface.

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There are 10 Dungeons in total with the first Dungeon – Cimmerian Dungeon – available for exploration once you reach level 10. Other Dungeons are unlocked once you reach Level 20, 30, 40 etc.

Each Dungeon has three areas and three difficulty levels. You will encounter a Dungeon Guardian in each level of a Dungeon. Each Dungeon will have three Dungeon Guardians with one of them being the main Dungeon Guardian. To complete a Dungeon you must defeat the main Dungeon Guardian.

You must complete the Dungeon in "Normal" difficulty before you can unlock the "Nightmare" and "Hell" difficulties. Below is a guide on how to defeat Dungeon Guardians and complete a Dungeon.

Cimmerian Dungeon

Difficulty Level


Character Level

Level 10


3 heroes at Level 5 or above.


Novice Sword, Common Boots, Novice Helmet, Novice Armor, Novice Ring, Novice Spaulders


Tier I Cavalry (Cavalier, Unicorn, Dark Knight) x 2 or Tier I Infantry (Swordsman, Dwarf Warrior, Skeleton Warrior) x 2

Tier I Archer (Archer, Hunter, Skeleton Archer) x 1

Main Dungeon Guardian

Taragar the Vengeful

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Taragar's army consists entirely of infantry units that possess a weak attack but a relatively strong defense. Taragar himself is a powerful cavalry unit with both a deadly attack and a sturdy defense. Each time Taragar attacks, he will take out around 15 of your units and, unlike his army, his attack rating won't decrease as his health goes down. For this reason, you should avoid assigning archers to your heroes when dealing with Taragar as they'll be next to useless once the enemy gets to within striking range and will be cut down with little effort.

To defeat Taragar, you should assign cavalry units to your heroes to maximize your attack and defense ratings. It's still going to be a tough fight though as you may lose more than two-thirds of your army by the time you have killed Taragar. The outcome of the battle will depend on whether or not you have enough units remaining to defeat the two enemy formations on the Taragar's left flank.

Dungeon Guardian 1

Gray Horn

Call of Gods Screenshot

Gray Horn's unit lineup is very similar to Taragar's as it is also an army entirely consisting of close-ranged melee units. Again, you should use to cavalry units to maximize your defense and attack ratings.

Another advantage of cavalry units is that they have the speed to sneak a round of attacks on Gray Horn before his scorpions arrive to back him up.

Dungeon Guardian 2

Grindell the Butcher

Call of Gods Screenshot

Grindell's army also consists of melee units but, unlike Taragar and Gray Horn, his units are much faster than he is and will engage your forces several turns before he does. As with the other Dungeon Bosses, Grindell's units are all short-ranged and deal out melee attacks. Using cavalry units is again your best bet to defeat him.

Below is a list of recommended minimum requirements for the first 6 Dungeons in Call of Gods:

Call of Gods Screenshot

Call of Gods Screenshot

Call of Gods Screenshot

Call of Gods Screenshot


A "Melee" unit refers to Infantry, Cavalry and Flying Units.

Call of Gods Screenshot

Tier 1 units are on the top row.

Tier 2 units are on the bottom row.



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