Call of Gods: FAQ for Beginners

Call of Gods(WSGame)

Call of Gods is a game packed full of features and gameplay and some of it may seem a little daunting at first. We'd like to help you out by answering some of your queries in the FAQ below. This FAQ collected from official site is mainly for beginners.

I can't log in, what shall I do?

Please check your internet connection. If your connection is working fine, restart the browser and download and install the latest version of Flash Player. You should be able to log in now. If you are still unable to play the game, we suggest you try a different internet browser or contact customer service.

As a first time player what's the best way of learning the ropes?

We suggest you complete the Tutorial at the beginning of the game. Just follow the guides and arrows and you'll get the hand of things in no time! Once you've completed the Tutorial, you'll be familiar with the game's basic operation and interface functions.

If I skip the tutorial at the beginning of the game can I restart it?

Unfortunately the answer is no. However, you will be able to complete the Tutorial tasks by visiting the Guide at the main building in your race's main city.

How many currencies are there in the game?

Three: Gold, Silver and Coupons. The Shop has a separate page for each of these three currencies.

How do I construct buildings?

Go to your Castle and click on your central building to view your construction list. Choose which building you want to build and drag it to an open construction slot. The building will automatically begin construction and will finish after a certain amount of time. Complete the newbie guide at the beginning of the game to learn more about building construction.

How do I upgrade buildings?

select your main building and click the "Upgrade" button to upgrade the corresponding building from the building list. You can also select the building itself and click the "Upgrade" button from the building's interface.

Can I add more construction slots to my Castle?

No. There are 10 construction slots in the Castle for 10 available building types. You can't build more than one of each building.

I've reached my population limit. How do I recruit more soldiers?

You can view you population limit by clicking on the "Overview" button on the top left corner of the game interface. Increase your population limit by building and upgrading a Log Cabin (Elves), Graveyard (Undead) or Dwellings (Human). You can also research and upgrade Propagation (Elves), Pestilence (Undead) or Imperial Expansion (Human) at your research building to increase your population limit.

How do I obtain and finish quests?

You can obtain quests by exploring the World map and talking with the characters that you meet. If a character's portrait or location has a yellow exclamation mark on it then he/she can provide you with a quest. All accepted quests will appear as popups on the right side of the game interface. You can also view available and current quests by clicking on the Quest button on the bottom right of the game interface. Once you've finished a quest go back to the character that gave you the quest to claim your reward!

How do I collect Resources?

Resources are produced by certain buildings that you can construct in your Castle. Each race has four types of resource buildings. To collect resources simply click on a resource buidling and click on "Collect" to collect that particular resource or "Collect All" to collect all resources that have been produced. Resources can also be collected at certain locations in the World map such as at a Resource Pool or Ancients' Blessing.

How do I recruit a Hero?

Players can recruit heroes from Taverns. Clicking on Tavern will display a list of recuitable heroes. If you don't like what you see, you can refresh the list. Hero lists also refresh automatically every hour. You can increase your chance of recruiting more powerful heroes by using "Book of Astrology" or "Summoning Horn" which you can purchase from the Shop.

What's a Hero's "Potential"?

Each hero under your command will have a certain "Potential". You can check your hero's Potential by going to the Hero interface. Your hero's Potential will be displayed at the bottom of the "Hero Attributes" section. The higher the hero's Potential, the more his/her attributes will increase when leveling up.

How many Heroes can I recruit?

When you first start the game you'll be able to command 2 heroes. In order to recruit more heroes you'll need to construct a research building (Tower of Truth for Humans, Wisdom Tree for Elves and Doom Tower for Undead) in your Castle and upgrade your research (Royal Decree for Humans, Call of the Wild for Elves and Reanimation for Undead). You can command a maximum of 6 heroes to fight for you or to defend your Castle. You're able to rectuit 12 heroes in total but after your 6th hero they will automatically be assigned to Idle. The next version of Call of Gods will change this and allow you to have 12 Active heroes.

How do I level up?

You and your heroes level up by gaining Exp. Completing quests will give you large Exp rewards but there are other ways of getting enough Exp to level up. One way is to explore Dungeons and fight the monsters within them. Another way is to explore the World map and fight the diverse monsters and enemies that you encounter. You can also train at various places on the World map such as a Soul Altars, Military Academies and Necrodais to increase Exp for both you and your heroes. Training sessions last two hours and you can leave the game without affecting their progress.

How do I obtain Equipment for my Heroes?

Equipping your heroes with weapons and armor is a good way of increasing their attributes. You can obtain useable items as quest rewards or by killing monsters. You can also purchase gear at the Exchange Store in your race's capital city using Honor and Reputation points. Honor is acquired by attacking other players while Reputation is gained by donating Silver to your Alliance. Another way of buying (or selling) equipment is through the Auction House in your race's main city. Here you can buy and sell items to other players for Gold. You can also visit the Transmutation Master at your capital to transmute equipment or spin the Wheel of Fortune.

How do I recruit Soldiers?

If you're playing as a Human you'll need to build a Barracks at your Castle. Elf and Undead players will need to build a Hunter's Hall or Necromancer's Den respectively. Once construction is complete, click on the building to select a unit type that you wish to recruit. You can view the attributes and requirements of all recruitable unit types. When you first build a barracks you'll only be able to recruit one unit type. In order to unlock other, more powerful unit types you'll also need to construct a Royal Stable in your Castle if you're playing as a Human (Elf and Undead players need to construct a Rainbow Grove and Abominable Monolith respectively). Upgrade these two buildings to unlock more unit types.

How do I Assign Units to my Heroes?

Once you've recruited some units you'll need to assign them to a hero in order for them to fight. To assign units to a hero click on the "Hero" button at the bottom of the game interface to go to the hero interface. Click on the "Assign Units" tab and select unit types to assign to your heroes using the dropdown menu. Click on the "Assign" button to assign those units to your hero.

How and Why Should I set my Heroes to Attack and Defend?

Call of Gods allows you to configure your heroes to Attack or Defend. Now if you're out on a quest and need to kill some monsters or you're looking to attack another player then you'll need to put your heroes in Attack mode. However, if you've received a message warning of an imminent attack by another player you need set your heroes to a Defend your Castle. Click the "Hero" button and select which heroes to "Attack" and which heroes to "Defend" or alternatively, use the "All Attack" and "All Defend" buttons. Remember when you're about to be attacked, it's best to put all of your heroes in Defend mode and deploy as many troops as you can to stand the best chance of resisting the enemy's attack.

How do I Dismiss a Hero?

Before you dismiss a hero, you'll need to remove all of the hero's assigned units and equipment. Once you've done that, click on the "Hero" button to enter the hero menu, select a hero and click on the "Dismiss" button to dismiss that hero from your army. Once a hero has been dismissed he/she will not reappear at the Tavern.

How do I attack another player?

Once you reach Level 10 you'll be able to engage in PvP combat. There are two ways of fighting other players in Call of Gods. The first way is to launch an attack on an enemy Castle in the World map. To do this, simply switch to the World map and click on an enemy's Castle. Click on the "Plunder" button to launch an attack. You can only attack players that have reached Level 10. If you win the battle, you'll plunder resources from your opponent's Castle as well as receiving Honor points. Once you reach Level 20 you can also participate in Arena battles where you can challenge other players to a one-on-one duel to the death. Unit losses at the Arena aren't permanent so don't be afraid to bring your best units. To enter the Arena click on the "Arena" button at the bottom left of the game interface.

How do I add a friend?

To add another player as a friend you can click on the player's Castle in the World map and then click on the "My Friends" button. Alternatively, if you know the name of the player, you can click on the "Friends" button at the bottom of the game interface and enter the name of the player you wish to add as a friend. A friend request will automatically be sent to that player.

I've just started playing; will I be easy prey for more advanced players?

You can't be attacked by other players before you reach Level 10 so don't worry about being attacked when you first start the game. Once you reach Level 10 however, you will lose this protection and you'll have to defend your Castle from enemy onslaughts.

How do I transmute items?

Once you reach Level 10 you be able to use Transmutation to create powerful equipment from lesser items. In order to transmute items you need to visit the Transmutation Master at your race's main city. If you're a Human you'll find the Transmutation Master at the Ironforge (Elf and Undead players should go to the Ironbark Forge and Ironbone Forge respectively).

Can I turn off the in-game music?

Yes you can. Click on the "Option" button at the top right of the screen to turn music on or off.

The game seems to have crashed. What should I do?

If you encounter any technical problems such as the game getting stuck at a loading screen or your avatar not showing up, the first thing you should do is to refresh your browser. Usually that will be enough to fix the problem. If the problem persists, post a thread with a screenshot in the Bugs & Suggestions section of the forum.

Can I change my character/race?

Once you've created a character in CoG you won't be able to change it. If you wish to play as a different character/race you can start a new account and play with that account instead. Please refrain from playing with multiple accounts at the same time as you may gain an unfair advantage over players who don't.



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