Call of Chrones: FAQ for Begginer

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Call of thrones

How do I create a game account?
Visit and enter your information. Afterwards, login and enjoy the game.

How do I play “Call of Thrones”?
You can use the mouse or both the mouse and the keyboard to play “Call of Thrones”. The left mouse button selects your target, the mouse wheel zooms in and out, and you can turn your view by holding the right button down and moving the mouse across the screen. You can also use WASD or ↑↓←→ to move your character.

What influence do Stat Points have on my character?
There are four classes of the stats: strength, stamina, agility and commander.  Below is a brief introduction. Strength - Each point adds 3 Atk, 1 Acc, and 5 HP.

Stamina - Each point adds 20 HP, 5 Def, 1 EP, and 1 Blk.

Agility - Each point adds 2 Crt, 2 Dmg, 2 Acc, and 5 HP.

Commander – Increases your leadership ability(not available).

What influence does fate have on my character?
There are six personality classes: Valor, Might, Fortitude, Finesse, Athleticism and Resilience.  Personality can influence character attributes. You can visit the Alchemist to reset your Fate.

How many professions are in “Call of Thrones”?
The specialization system replaces different professions, so there is no need to worry about development limits. Players can choose to be a solitary warrior or a great king. Your fate is in your hands!

How do I add skills to the Action bar?
You can just drag required skills and items to an empty space on the bar.

How do I join a group?
To create a group you need to right-click the person you would like to invite, and then wait for them to accept. To join a group you just need to accept an invitation.

How do I post items on the world channel?
To post an item or a piece of equipment on the world channel, you just need to press the CTRL button and left-click the item.

What kinds of actions involve Spirit? What can I do if my spirit is running low?
Spirit is very important in “Call of Thrones”. It is involved in arena competitions, assassinations, PKs and even completing high level Instances. The upper limit for Spirit is 200, and you can buy Soul Pills or Superior Spirit Pill in the Shop to recover your Spirit.




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