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1. What is CalcioStreet?

CalcioStreet is a free unique browser based football game, where each user will have to train their virtual footballer and challenge other users through 1vs1 challenges. In addition, each player may join Clans and/or Teams. Like in reality, these will participate in leagues with the consequent promotions and relegations.

2. Navigation of the Game

A menu with all the sites shortcuts has been added for easy navigation on the left side of the page:

  • Main Board: Homepage of the Game, with all the news by CalcioStreet;
  • Player Data: The "identity card" of your player, containing various information about them;
  • Gym: The place where you can increase skills (stats);
  • Messages: Here you can send and/or receive messages and notifications;
  • Forum: General CalcioStreet forum disscusion;
  • Invitational: Here you can open and keep an eye on your invitational;
  • Masters of the road: Every city has a champion, try and beat them to gain premiums;
  • Tournaments: This page is dedicated to CalcioStreet tournaments;
  • Supporter: The "Bank" of the game, here you can buy bonuses for your player, while helping CalcioStreet;
  • Challenges: Here you can challenge other users of the Game;
  • Report: On this page you can read your challenge reports;
  • Schedule: Calendar of events;
  • Ranking: Want to know if you are the best in anything? Are you among the many individual Rankings Teamwork and Clans;
  • Clan: Here you can register and/or see the information about your Clan;
  • News Stand: The newspaper of CalcioStreet;
  • City Map: After a game, what's better than a walk around the city? Here you will find various activities for your footballer;
  • Teams: A list of teams by series;
  • Notepad: Features for Supporters, where they can write reminders;
  • Tutorial: Guides you step by step to play;
  • Profile: Here you can manage your account and submit candidatures and/or tickets;
  • Regulation: CalcioStreet legislation;

3. How can I improve the skills of my player?

First of all you need to improve your skills (stats) in the gym (strength, endurance, speed, technique, precision). After the workout you'll earn points in order to raise the various skills that represent the characteristics of your player. The possible combinations are endless.

4. What is my sum statistics (sommastat)?

The sommastat is nothing more than the sum of the 5 skills of your player (strength, endurance, speed, technique, precision). Individual abilities are called statistics (stats).

5. What are challenges and how do I challenge?

Challenges are 1vs1 games, with which you can earn money, popularity and adrenalin. To challenge someone, click on link "Challenges". In addition to a list of possible challengers, you will have the opportunity to enter the players name you wish to challenge. (NB: You will only be able to challenge players with no more than 15 above or below your sommastat).

CalcioStreet Screenshots

6. What is the Blacklist?

If you don't want to be challenged more than 5 times within a 24 hours from a certain player, enter their name in the Blacklist located above the list of potential challengers.

7. How do I earn money, popularity and adrenalin?

The only way to make money are the challenges (challenges, masters of the road, and invitational tournaments) and the salary of its team. Also, the only way to gain popularity and the most precious adrenaline (useful to take drugs) are the challenges (challenges, masters of the road, and invitational tournaments).

8. What are feuds?

When you beat another player they may challenge you with a feud. The advantage of this feud brings to you and your Challenger 2 additional challenges instead of 1 (made and received), resulting in a faster increase of money, adrenaline and popularity.

9. What is an invitational and how do I create one?

Through the left navigation menu, you will reach the section Invitational, where you can create and see the invitational of other players. The invitational, is nothing but a promise players to challenge you. Through the special panel, you can choose how many challenges to make for challenge won, lost or drawn and (starting from a minimum of 0 challenges, up to 3).

(NOTE: You can earn a maximum of 150 challenges, while account supporters can earn upto 300 challenges.)

10. What is the adrenaline and how do you earn it?

The adrenaline can be used to purchase Integrator CS Drink, which serves to reduce the time of the gym timer. To purchase this product, click on a city map and then on Death Valley. Here you will find various bottles of CS Drink, but remember that the cost in adrenaline is fixed to 500. Earning adrenaline is very important to your growth and the only way that you have to earn it is through challenges (challenges, masters of the road, tournaments and invitational) or if you have a team, with workouts.

11. How to increase your shape?

You can improve your shape only if you are part of a team. The only way to increase this are by doing programmed workouts set by your Manager.

12. How many roles are in CalcioStreet and how do they function?

Within the game there are 6 main figures

Player: The player must train to grow quickly, making money (primarily through contract with a team) and buying everything they need to improve. The player must also respect and enforce their contract.

Manager (Man): The Manager, distinguished with green font in chat and with 'Man' before their nickname. Among the main tasks of Manager, there are:

  • Contracts and renewals/terminations
  • Create forums teamwork and matenerlo "liveable"
  • Expanding the stadium in order to increase the revenue of the team
  • Organise training for matches to go (missing training will result in a fine and in the case of the Championship, a forfeit)
  • Make the teams workout schedule.

Journalists: Within the game, there is a sports newspaper. Journalists, led by Editor-in-Chief, have the task of writing articles on games and the world of CalcioStreet, mantaining objectivity and professionalism.

Jury: Members of the Jury have the task drawing up the reports of consignments, mantaining objectivity and professionalism, that with the collaboration of journalists, will be published in the newspaper.

Gm (Game Moderator): GM, distinguished with blue font in chat and with 'GM' before their nickname, are responsible for moderating the chat and forums and enforcing the regulation.
-GA (Game Administrator): GA, distinguished with red font in chat and with 'GA' before their nickname, have a responsibility to administer the game (run matches, set the roles, bans/warning, etc.).

13. How do I play one of these roles?

To become one of these roles you must submit a request to administrators, by completing a nomination. To do this, just click on profile and then on Nominations. Taken into account all nominations, administrators will decide who is suitable to fill the various roles.

14. What should I do to receive contracts? How can I accept/reject them?

To receive proposals from teams, simply demonstrate 2 things to them:

  • Activities in the challenges, i.e. Do lots of challenges;
  • Fast and constant Growth.

Demonstrating these 2 things could encourage managers to invite you. Also you can check the Forum (General) for requests from managers. When you receive a request, you will be notified by a message (Pvt). To accept/reject it, you need to go on your card, click on enter the residence (below your avatar).

CalcioStreet Screenshots

15. When do I receive the salary?

You will receive the salary after each day of the Championship and you'll be notified by a message (Pvt).

16. How do I decide my role as a player?

The choice is made at the beginning of the game but is not fixed. (You can change your role whenever you want). Obviously most players try to specialise in a single role, increasing skills suited to that role.

17. Girls in the disco.

Every girl has 3 characteristics: Beauty, Fidelity and Extravagance.

Beauty is the number of moral points you earn each day (25% chance).

If loyalty is low the girl may leave you, if the girl leaves, you lose 50 moral points.

If extravagancehe is high, you will spend more money on her but your popularity will rise because you'll be all over the papers.

18. How do I create a Clan or antrarne part?

To create a Clan or see existing ones, click on Clan in through the navigation menu. To join a Clan, you must send a request to CapoClan. (N.B. To create a Clan you must have at least 125 adrealine and 2,000 coins, but to enter a Clan that already exists, you need at least 100 of sommastat.)

19. What are the Bans/Warnings?

If you break the rules you may receive a warning or a ban. Multiple warnings will result in a ban, some bans are permanent and others may be temporary.



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